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Be Inspired Like An Olympian

Updated on March 7, 2016

The London 2012 Olympics were an extraordinary display of athletic determination and amazing human inspiration.

Over one billion people around the global community observed athletes from 204 nations compete at the highest levels!

They gave their very best efforts for self, family and country.

Whether they were from large well known or small relatively unknown countries we as spectators were treated to the magnificence of the Olympic experience!

Although most people will never earn an Olympic medal or even participate in the Games, we love what we see in those who do.

At some level it is the ultimate vicarious observance which leads us to cheer as if we ourselves were in the struggle to achieve victory.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

One thing is for sure. In order to line up at the starting line, stand on the starting blocks or bound down the runway, great and consistent preparation must be taken.

When its all said and done an Olympian must make a quality commitment to preparation long before the world watches in amazement.

We not only admire these traits but also find them wonderfully inspiring as we think about our own dreams and goals.

The pure dedication of self-discipline, practice and execution of a well thought out plan is something that we can relate to in order to achieve a worthwhile goal.

The difference is the landscape of participation and of course most of the world isn’t watching!

During the 17 days of competition we observed the excellence of accomplishment as well as the agony of defeat.

As in life, every result is not always what we desire. Nevertheless, every result gives us an opportunity to respond.

When that result is one of failure or defeat we are reminded and inspired by these Olympians that greatness is usually found on the other side of defeat, doubt and fear.

We receive a glimpse into how to embrace the challenge and ultimately overcome it.

Obviously, space does not allow for mentioning everything that makes the Games so remarkable. Needless to say there are hundreds of accounts and stories that will positively impact the lives of many for years to come.

Courage Overcomes Adversity

These athletes captivate us with their strength of character and their ability to produce courage in the face of adversity.

Sometimes it’s a gymnast such as Gabrielle (Gabby) Douglas who makes an unexpected tumble or slip as she twist and turns her body through the air during an event.

Facing the narrowest allowance for error during the women’s overall gymnastics competition we revel in her immediate courageous response resulting in the positive satisfaction of a great result.

Another time it is when we see a double amputee sprinter, Oscar Pistorius compete against able body athletes to advance into the semi-finals in his individual event, as well as run on his nation’s relay-team finals.

We are truly inspired by the way he courageously broke through his own personal physical challenges.

Even further, is the impact of his example as it will now inspire a generation of physically challenged athletes and non-athletes alike around the world.

Our next inspiration soared with the arrow of a legally blind Olympian, South Korean Archer Im Dong-hyun.

Despite being legally blind and only seeing blurred colors and shadows he competed in his third straight Olympic Games.

Not only did he participate, he set a World Record and won the Gold medal in his event. Undoubtedly great preparation and courage had key roles in such an amazing result.

Celebration of Victory

Often when we see the sheer joy and unrehearsed celebration of victory we ourselves are immediately inspired.

I believe this is one of the greatest outcomes of viewing the Olympic Games and why we love them so much.

It’s a time to observe the full scale of human drama in a real and authentic way.

In fact it is the very best of reality television. In particular when we see surprise victories or barrier shattering world records!

So in closing, take a moment to join me in remembering just a few of those remarkable moments and let them fill your mind and heart with Olympic Inspiration!



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