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Olympic Opening. Not that impressive!

Updated on July 28, 2012

Is it the Shire from Lord Of The Rings

I personally didn't think the opening to our 2012 Olympic games in London was any where near as impressive as the Bejing one. Firstly, when i turned the channel to put the start on i was greeted by the Shire from Lord Of The Rings, with sheep running around. In fact i was almost certain i had actually put the wrong channel on and was in fact watching Lord Of The Rings, when hobit looking people started dancing around a maypole.Then there was the tree, i was sure that Bilbo lived under that grassy mound somewhere. Also the forging of the steel rings hovering over the shire glowing gold. But wait, i was wrong, there were only five rings in the formation of the olympic rings. (Lord Of The Rings has 20, i think) This must be the olympics i was watching. Not only does London not have that much grass, but why on earth was most of the opening just about London? Yes i get that London is the host, but I mean there are other places in England. All that grass looked more like they had dug up half of Yorkshire and plonked it in London. Also i'm English and i didn't get half of what was going on, so how the heck did they expect the rest of the world to. The highlights for me was when the 'Queen' jumped out of the helicoper and when Mr. bean played his one finger note to Chariots of Fire on the keyboard. I also enjoyed the lighting of the flame at the end with all the copper kettles joined to form one huge flame. Other than that, we look like a pretty boring country. The music choices were rubbish too. How very predictable to get Paul Mccartney to sing Hey Jude. (As always) Does the guy know how to play any other song or know more than three chords on the keyboard. Dizzy rascal is that really the best they could find. I know i'm probably going to get lots of angry Beatles fan telling me that Paul Mccartney is the best thing since slice bread, but there were so many other people they could have been picked. Adel is pretty good and English and knows a good song or too. Just saying!


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    • AM Hanson profile image

      Adam M. Hanson 5 years ago from Mankato, MN

      in Paul's defense, it's probably not his fault. At this level of entertainment, the performers probably don't have much say in the matter. If you're playing at the Olympics, I'd guess they just tell you what to play and you say "Thank you for giving me this opportunity!"