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Olympics- The sports which are exciting to watch and the sports which should be included by viewer's choice

Updated on April 24, 2015

There are lots of sports which are there in the Olympics for a long time. Some athletics make the game popular. For example, People watch 100 meter or 200 meter track race of Usain Bolt. There are some sports which they look forward to or excited about. Some people are unhappy as their favorite sports are not included in it.

There are four excited sports to watch I look forward in Olympics:

  1. Gymnastics: Gymnastic is excited to watch because of the poise and grace the gymnasts show us is remarkable. Gymnastic amazes me with the level of talent and dedication that the gymnasts have to get that far with it. It is insane how in shape and they have to be in order to do those things with their bodies. It is entertaining to see what those athletics do using their strength of their bodies. It requires a lot of concentration.
  2. Dressage: Dressage is exciting to watch. It is one of the funniest sports. Training your horse to dance is an odd thing. It is like horse dancing. The horses must perform some of the prescribed steps of movements. The success of dressage depend on the horse rider's ability to sit in a particular position and changing the position along with the movement of the horse. If the horse is calm and attentive to the rider it can won easily.
  3. Race Walking: I giggle every time I think of race walking. Race walking is so exciting because watching them wriggle about trying to be the fastest walker. Race walking is exciting when they show the runner is slow motion and their facial skin and lips are waning back and forth.
  4. Trampoline: Trampoline is pretty amazing. These gymnasts get there and do 10 tricks in a row and not just single flips, double flips and triple flips with twists. The trampoline event tests skills that include double, triple and twisting somersaults executed after being launched up to 30 feet into air from the trampoline.

Some of the sports can be put into Olympics because of view's choice:

  1. Horse back Riding: Horse back riding with the jumps can be introduced into Olympics. It is nice to see how the horse rider and the horse bonds with one another. It also have high risk of injury if you are not familiar with your horse or your horse not being trained properly.
  2. Baseball: Some people think baseball can be kept in the Olympics. The Olympics and major league baseball (MLB) seasons overlap. So, baseball may not be an ideal option. Baseball was dropped in Olympics in 2012 because no players where interested. They were busy playing major league baseball (MLB) rather than representing their own country at Olympic competition. The major league baseball teams(MLB) do not want to lose players for any length of time during the seasons. The schedules are conflicting but they should try to work something it out as lot of amazing talent comes from all around the world in Olympic competition. How cool would it be to see non professional athletics go to the Olympic gold.
  3. Motor sports: Some people wants to see motor sports. Motor sports would be hard to work out because the time of the year the Olympics being held. During the time of Olympics all series are pretty much active. NASCAR, INDY CAR, Moto GP, F1 race are the ones drivers want to give time and it would be hard to get drivers to basically give up their season to run the Olympics unless it was solely amateurs who did not have a pre existing ride. It is an interesting idea, but this idea fails theory, unless they gave drivers of each series 2 weeks off to run the Olympics. Some people do not want Motor sports to be included in Olympics because it requires wasting gallons of fossil fuel and releasing several tons of carbon-dioxide while participating.
  4. American Football or soccer: People around the USA wants to see american football popularly known as soccer in other continents. Training camps of the soccer players are generally held during the time Olympics occur and we are pretty much sure our bunch of prima donnas would not want to go and risk injuries. American Football or soccer is getting more popular in Europe especially at the university levels so may be in the future American Football or soccer should be introduced in Olympics competition. There are a lot of athletics who come from rugby and get into American Football or soccer at the age of 18 or 19. Germany is pretty big in American Football or soccer. So maybe we will see that in future, once American Football or soccer expands its reach a little more. American Football or soccer is some mystical sport involved a funny shaped ball and a crash helmet. Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Bahamas, Brazil, China, Uruguay, Australia, a lot of European and Asian countries play american football.
  5. Rugby: Rugby is also a good option as there are tons of countries which play rugby. It is a team game so it teaches you co-ordination and teamwork and helping one another. There are many countries who are playing rugby.
  6. Roller skating: Roller skating can be introduced as it is quite exciting to watch. It should be introduced because it has speed and it is artistic. It requires many of the same skills as ice skating which is already there in Olympics. In fact, many of the ice skating medalist like Tara Lipinski and Chad Hedrick actually started out as a roller skating player. Roller skating is just speed skating on ice, only you are on the wheels instead of ice.
  7. Lacrosse: Lacrosse can be added to Olympics because eventually a majority of countries will have started lacrosse programs. You need to have defensive skill in order to win in lacrosse.

There are already so many events in the Olympics and the more event you have the more expensive the cost of hosting the games. Depending on the situation one or two games should be introduced.


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