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Olympics and Paralympics with a Camberley Chiropractor

Updated on September 6, 2012
At Olympic Park 2012
At Olympic Park 2012 | Source

Chiropractic at the Olymics and Paralymics

Wow what a Summer! Never did I think that Team GB would end up third in the medal table this Summer exceeding all expectations in their achievements. Of course the gold rush continues with the Paralympics, again Team GB exceeding what is expected of them.

Having attending events at both games I say first hand that the atmosphere was electric. The roar and enthusiasm for the home team was palpable. As I sat next to my two year old nephew at the Paralympic Athletics, even he got excited, joining in with the Mexican wave as it went around the 80,000 strong Olympic Stadium.

What I found even more astounding was the attitude of the city of London as a whole, welcoming all to its amazing city. I was dreading travelling from Camberley by train and then onto the crowded underground to get to Olympic Park. My previous experience of the tube has been squashed, hot and unfriendly, and yet I had to get two small children onto this train. I was amazed people were polite, courteous and even offered me a seat on the crowded tube(unheard of). There was no pushing or shoving and people were talking of their excitement getting to the games, and swapping stories of their experiences on the way home.

As well as the extraordinary talents of the Olympians and Paralympians, my admiration goes to the Games Makers. These regular folks gave up their time to help the games run smoothly. For the first time Chiropractors were made part of the multi-disciplinary Medical Team at the Games.

Chiropractors have long been involved in the care and management of athletes, elite and amateur. To be part of the Olympic Medical Team alongside osteopathy, physiotherapy and sports massage for the first time enables these world class athletes access to core services as they prepare for their long awaited events. In the past I have had these world class athletes complain that they have had to fund their chiropractic care out of their own pockets while other countries offered this same service as part of their medical package. To have chiropractic included at London 2012 is a huge step in the right direction for these top athletes.

As the Paralympics draw to a close I hope that the euphoria lasts, that the people of London will continue their happy sentiment toward those that enter the city and that athletes of all ability continue to get the services they deserve.


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