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On Another Pond

Updated on April 10, 2012
My good friend Rich is holding a nice stringer of farm pond bass. These fish were caught in  the late summer on chartreuse and white spinner baits.
My good friend Rich is holding a nice stringer of farm pond bass. These fish were caught in the late summer on chartreuse and white spinner baits.
This 7 1/2 pound monster came from a farm pond at the first green-up of spring. It hit on a top water "Bassarino" in a bullfrog color scheme.
This 7 1/2 pound monster came from a farm pond at the first green-up of spring. It hit on a top water "Bassarino" in a bullfrog color scheme.

Indian Summer Fishing

We are having a short “Indian Summer” here in the Lulawissie Hills. Just when you think that the lakes and ponds are about to turn over, they hang on just a little bit longer. The fall breezes mixed with the warm October sunshine are creating the perfect harmony for some great fall bass fishing.

The water is just cool enough to keep the fish along the edges of the shadows and up from the deeper water. You will most likely see a plethora of smaller bass around 10-12 inches swimming around just off the bank. When you see these guys, it is a good indicator that the larger fish are just beyond in the slightly deeper water. It is by their own nature that the bigger fish sit back and let the smaller ones feed first, just to see what they are eating. In most cases in any body of fresh water, about 90% of the food source is going to be in the first 8-12 feet of depth. In a frequently fished area, you will seldom see a large fish in the shallows during the day, but come out at night with a strong flashlight and what you will see will amaze you. You will often times see a bass that you only see on fishing shows.

Cast out a few times with each color or combination of baits in your tackle box and see what they are biting on. Start with white and work your way to the darker baits. Usually the darker the bait, the slower the retrieve you will need. Generally, you will not have to go any further than white, yellow or chartreuse. There is an opinion that in darker, murky water a flasher blade is necessary to attract more fish, but my experience says otherwise. In dark water, use dark baits. The flashers usually work best in clearer water on sunny days. But as I said in my previous article, if they are not biting, think small. If it is overcast, the fish will be more likely out in the open water close to the surface. Work the top water baits slowly and methodically.

You have to realize that in the cooler temperatures, the fish will be a little less responsive. They are beginning to become a little sluggish, so have patience. Try different speeds on your retrieve. A fast retrieve will work one day and not the next.

When the weather is cooling down, but you have a warm spurt of sunshine for a few days, try the smaller top water lures for a while. If it is breezy and there is a slight ripple on the water, then you might have some luck. If nothing in your tackle box works, then go down to the nearest bait shop and get yourself a can of night crawlers. Loop ‘em on with one or two sticks of the hook so they hang loosely and cast it out without a sinker and let it set a minute or two.

If the bass just aren’t biting, go get yourself a bag of those little summer sausage bites and stick ‘em lengthwise on a long shank hook. Cast it out with a swivel below a small sliding egg sinker with a 12” leader and you will start catching some nice catfish. While you’re at the market getting the little sausages, pick yourself up a box of Moon Pies and a six pack of Co’ Cola. It’s the perfect snack while waiting for the catfish to bite.

Good Luck, and thanks for stopping by.

The entire contents of this writing, and all writings previous to this one, including the name “Lulawissie”, are the original work of Delbert Banks and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. © 2010 By Delbert Banks.


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