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Pacific Crest Trail: Adventure to the Unknown

Updated on February 7, 2020

With spring just around the corner, many outdoor enthusiast are gearing up, and getting ready for another awesome season. However, only a small number of these enthusiasts are preparing themselves to attempt a thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Trail Map
Trail Map | Source

A trail stretching all the way from the U.S./Mexico boarder, in Southern California, to the U.S./Canada boarder, in Washington State. An overall distance of: approximately 2,653 miles.

Crater Lake
Crater Lake

No matter what your commitment may be. We all have had, some kind of experience with the outdoors. Either a failed camping trip with the family, an awesome doll sheep hunt up in the highlands. Or an epic river float back in college, twisting down through the canyons.

The allure of the woods is undeniable. And for generations, the temptation to escape back into, or reconnect with. The rugged and awe inspiring North American Wilderness has provided.

A select few of these enthusiasts, enjoy a particular flavor, of this untapped beauty... manifested in grueling 20-mile days, difficult terrain, heavy packs, and either too much water or not enough of it.

Known as a thru-hiker, their ability and desire to crest that next hill, or traverse over that distant ridge is unmatched.

Sierra Nevada Mountains
Sierra Nevada Mountains | Source

A Thru Hiker

In my preparation for a thru-hike. I have spoken with many people and read many stories about, the incredible determination and effort that is required. From the gear you pick, to the way you pack it. Every little decision you make holds significance.

That is way when you decide to live out underneath the stars for months at a time. All the little things, begin to tune into focus.

Ounces become pounds, a gentle breeze can make or break your day, and you learn a good meal is worth dying for.

I’d like to think as well, that ultimately the realization begins to set in. That the small and simple things we usually put off or consider insignificant, are in fact monumental.

And that even the smallest acts of empathy can sometimes move mountains.

“There is no hiding, when you have become lost”
“There is no hiding, when you have become lost”

Everyone finds inspiration in unique little ways. And the ones that use those convictions to motivate themselves are powerful. They operate by different a set of rules.

If I am honest, I saw this in thru-hikers and became jealous.The idea of stripping myself to only the essentials and participating in the “rucksack revolution”.

Became a stronger attraction than experiencing the wild itself.

© 2020 Max Jubalson


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