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Pacquiao vs Mosley Results

Updated on January 10, 2011

Manny Pacquiao Vs Shane Mosley

It is now official that the boxing champion from the Philippines will be going against Sugar Shane Mosley who got a knockout victory against Margarito. The fight is set to be this coming May 2011. The people of the Philippines are surely waiting for this match and are surely anticipating another win from the seemingly impossible to beat Pacquiao who is also one of their congressmen. Indeed, Philippine Politics is very interesting.

Both Pacquiao and Mosley have defeated Oscar De La Hoya in the past. Surely this will be a very interesting match. I don't really know all the technicalities or records of the two but I do know that it will be a very interesting and exciting boxing match. Well, personally, I am betting for Pacquiao because I think it's pretty cool that he's a Filipino and it does bring pride to the nation. Everything literally stops in the whole country when he has a boxing match. Everyone knows that no one has ever gotten Pacquiao's kind of boxing record ever and he's really legendary. He is now very rich and popular because of his boxing career that seems to keep on going. In interviews, he even said that he's not yet thinking about retiring. I wonder what will happen in the future.

Pacquiao Vs Mosley
Pacquiao Vs Mosley

Manny Pacquiao

He is truly a really fast boxer and does not seem to be affected by punches and does not get fatigued. Some of his opponents in the past were even defeated during earlier rounds. What I noticed though is that his face bleeds easily. But this is probably due to other things and not punches. We never really know. What we know is that his records and achievements show that he is truly a good boxer with endurance and heart that can withstand really strong opponents.

Here's a video I saw on YouTube of Pacquiao's boxing skills. Even when he's already rich and famous, he still takes his training very seriously. I think this is necessary in any sport to have discipline and determination and always be humble no matter what your achievements already are. He does get a bit overconfident at times but then he proves to everyone that he is not really affected by fear or anything else like that. Truly a brave and hardworking boxer, this guy. From his humble beginnings to his super popular and successful boxing career. 

Pacquiao Knockouts, Fights, and Trainings

Anticipated match up: Mosley vs Pacquiao

So what are you waiting for? Are you excited? I know I am and I am sure that everyone is. I don't really know what to say anymore. I just know that Pacquiao's boxing skills are extraordinary. A lot of boxers are afraid of going against Manny Pacquiao. Some are even saying that he should retire already while he is on the peak of his career. But Pacquiao seems to be very determined and passionate about boxing and it looks like he is not going to stop anytime soon. I am predicting that after all this he will still continue to fight. But that's just me. How about you? What do you think? What is your opinion about Pacquiao? Should he stop or continue fighting?

Well, let's just wait and see what happens on May 2011 with this fight. Ready your bets and let's get ready to rumble! Also, here's a map of where he's from. There's a lot of good tuna sashimi from this place!

Pacquiao's Hometown


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    • conradofontanilla profile image

      conradofontanilla 5 years ago from Philippines

      If the Pacquiao camp has not come up with a counter against leg cramps, these will bother him again in his fight against Tim Brady come June 9. Leg cramps prevented him from knocking out Mosely, these bothered him again in his fight with Marquez. His trainer should brush up on oxygen debt which is incurred in the first few minutes in a sporting event involving lot of energy like sprint and boxing. I have just posted a Hub "How Leg Cramp Poses A Barrier For Pacquiao In His Boxing Fight With Brady."