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Panga Fishing Boats

Updated on April 19, 2012

What are panga fishing boats?

Panga style boats are very distinctive, as well as seaworthy and economical to operate fishing vessels. They are used extensively all over Central America, the Caribbean, and more recently here in the U.S. Commercial fisherman and charter guides love them for their ease of use and functionality. These fine fishing boats work great on the shallow water flats and into the deep blue water. Anglers of all experience levels love them because you can successfully target many different fish species.

These vessels are narrow at the beam which allows them to slice through the water. They also have a broad entry at the bow which makes them especially durable through rough seas. Pangas are fun and functional fishing boats for the whole family or the charter fishing professionals.

From my personal experiences, fishing from one of these vessels provides some of the most satisfying fishing I have ever enjoyed. These boats do the job as touted. They are safe, durable and economical. As fishing conditions change during your day on the water, adjustments can be quickly made to take advantage of the fishability of these boats.

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parking a panga

flyfishing for tarpon from a panga

beaching a panga in mexico

The videos give a good look at some of the flexibility and functionality that these serious fishing vessels bring to beginning or expert fishermen. Having experienced these boats first hand, it is impressive that a day of fishing need not be ruined because of bad weather or super low tides. When planning a day on the water, it is important to always consider and prepare for several different types of fishing activities. As weather and water conditions change, this type of fishing vessel allows you to easily adapt and target another fish species.

If you have never experienced the ride and usability of one of these marine watercraft, it may be worth your time to charter a guide service that utilizes these boats to see first hand if it is for you.

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    • jonsailr profile image

      jonsailr 9 years ago from Scituate, MA

      Nice pictures, makes me yearn to get back to the Caribbean