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Paper Vs Email

Updated on January 31, 2010
Here's a love letter. In 40 years I'll send an email Babe
Here's a love letter. In 40 years I'll send an email Babe

Paper or Email?

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I'm old enough to remember paper. It seems that as we move further along paper is becoming obsolete. I'm sure the trees are happy. So, which is better? Paper or email?

Paper........You can touch it. Sure the ink might get on your hands, just wipe them on you friends back.

Email.......You can touch it, but the computer screen gets finger prints. Then you can't see nothing.

Paper...... All you Environmentalists hate that we chop down the trees to make paper. It's funny how you write your protest signs on poster board, a form of paper.

Email......Sure you think the trees are safe using email. Wrong! It takes electricity to run a computer.Electric companies use coal. Smoke exits the plants and the trees breath it in. Like humans they can die from second hand smoke!

Paper......Already on something you can show someone without a computer.

Email........Want to take it to the bar to show friends, you have to print it onto PAPER! How ironic!

Paper..... You can buy it different sizes and colors. So pretty.

Email.....Comes only in one size and color. Sure you can change the color and size of the font, but that doesn't count.

Paper....You need a pen, pencil, crayon to write on paper. Carpel Tunnel didn't exist in my day

Email........ See above. Typing all day will give you Carpal. Those wrist braces are so sexy, aren't they?

Paper.....Has many uses. You can make a hat, boat, anything you mind can think of.

Email.......Don't try to make anything out of it. You'll look stupid wearing a computer on your head.

Paper........Great compost for plants. Especially the trees we planted to replace the trees we cut down for paper. Are you happy about that you tree huggers?

Email.......Okay you got me here. Just press delete. A lot easier and cleaner.

Paper.......Destroy it and it's gone.

Email...........Delete it, it's still around in cyberspace somewhere. An expert can pull it up on your computer easily.

Paper.........You don't like what you read, you can wipe your ass with it in protest.

Email..........I wanna see you get your ass up to that screen.

Paper..............Wipe your ass and throw it away.

Email..........If you succeeded in wiping your ass on the screen, you got a real mess to clean up.


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    • wyanjen profile image

      Jen King 8 years ago from Wyandotte Michigan



      Nicely done, mrpooper.

      (Genuine tree-huggers know the truth: paper comes from tree-farms, not ancient redwoods. So the fake tree-huggers who say e-mail is saving the lives... of trees... can kiss both of our butts!)

      I write my hubs on a legal pad with a pencil. Well, I type them in after of course...