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Parkour The Fun and Entertaining French New Moving Activity

Updated on August 11, 2012

Many young Indonesian are crazy about parkour recently. I just saw on my local TV news about several young people who really love this activity. They build community in almost every town in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Malang, Jogja, Bandar Lampung, Bekasi, Solo, Makasar, Samarinda, Tangerang, and many more).It's very entertaining watching their performance. They jump, they run, they climb the wall, and do weird moves.

What Is Parkour ?

Parkour or free running is a kind of moving activity from France. It's the art of movement from one point to another point in effective and efficient ways. It's all start from the movie Yamakasi in 2001 (Directed by Luc Besson from France). In that movie, seven men used Parkour to steal money from rich people to help a child to had a heart replacement surgery. They jumped from roof to another one, from top of a building to another building. It's a fantastic and fun movie. Parkour is come from the word parcours du combatant it's a kind of military training. The person who do parkour is called traceur which means quick, quicken.

They have to pass an obstacle to the other obstacle with their ability to move according to their own body caracter. There is no standard style on running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, and many other movements in Parkour. The traceur has to find their own style and way.

Parkour was developed by David Belle and Sebastian Faucan of France in the late 1990s. David got the basic principle from his  father, Raymond Belle, a French military member. Yamakasi comes from the Lingala language of the Congo, which means that the human soul and the body with strong stamina. Yamakasi is the name of the David Faucan group.

How To Do Parkour ?

Before you do the Parkour, it's very important to have a good physical fitness. You should have running or jogging habit. Before you go on Parkour you have to warm up first so your muscles and joints will not be stiff. Parkour is not easy but it can be done. Start with small objects first with a couple of feet high for example, you may take simple vaults and repeat it over and over until you used to it. Then you may take more difficult obstacles, different routes, and challenging spots.

Parkour Tips

You need to practice your body and do the repetition. Practice and practice and you will get used to it. Wear a comfortable sport shoes or snickers that has thick sole. Your body has to learn about foot sensetivity, foot placement, and touch. You have to teach your body to different senses, different shapes, and surfaces. Learn to landing and have balancing body. It's more like acrobatics.

Traceurs need to have creative minds and confidence, until they find their own style. Accident do happen but if a traceur is training well, they could avoid such accident.

Learn Parkour Freerun Tricks - Webster front flip

Learn Parkour Freerun Tricks - Palm Spin Gainer

Why People Do Parkour ?

I think they found freedom in doing that. Parkour represent freedom, creativity, rebellion, stength, and independence. The reasons match with young people character who love challenges. Leaping from high building to another is dangerous but appear very beautiful.
Parkour is not yet become a sport. In western country like Uk and France, the government restricted the activity in skycrapper building like jumping or climbing the building. They said it's dangerous and disturbed the public or society.

I think Parkour is beautiful and I wish I have gutt to do that, but I don't think so. I'm afraid of height  :) It's fun to think that you can conguer not just your body movement but also the whole city. If you watch the Yamakasi movie, it's hard to believe that some people will climb a high apartment just to watch the sunrise. It's crazy ..but they really do that as a ritual, wow..
In my country, Parkour is still not a familiar activity. Just have fun watching it.


What Do You Think About Parkour ?

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