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People who train in martial arts tend to be happier people..

Updated on October 9, 2012

Martial artists know happiness.

People who train in any Martial Arts are just happier people.

Martial Arts, it does go beyond the dojo.

I understand why it does.

For those that know and understand,
if your truly into martial arts, then you
truly know, it isn't all about training in a dojo.

I know, because for us that do understand,
and seen in the films, where a student,
learns to go beyond a dojo, it is true.

I know from being around Masters, and
people who have trained, they have
this way about them.

They are extremely happier and healthier
and they have a special Aura about

I also think people who are also physically
fit, can be content in life, just being who
they are.

I don't think I can fully explain in words.

I do know, when I trained for a few years,
in Capoeira, I did see this first hand,
and many students didn't just seem to
walk with confidence, but always seemed
happy most of the time.

It doesn't matter what walk of life you
come from, when your into martial arts,
and really step it up a notch and train,
then you understand.

In films I watched, and let me just say,
I am once again, not really a chick flick
type of girl, (even though I do like a few),
I see the movements and the dynamics
of these people who have been doing it
their whole lives.

They seem to flow, just like the expression,
"Flow like water" or if it was something
Bruce Lee would say, "Be like Water",
well that also is true.

Every see water in nature?

Water can see very calming and serene.

Yet when a storm is fierce, water,
can become strong and can take out
anything in it's path.

Yet, a martial artist, does not train to fight.

Yes I know, strange.

People will not understand.

Yet it is something also true, as you see
in the films.

Martial Artists train and don't like to fight,
which is a truly strange concept, but
it's real enough to understand, that
you can be the ultimate weapon,
without using a weapon.

So as I trained in Tai Chi, for one year,
a very spiritual thing did happen.

I seriously did get connected to nature
and everything around me.

That changed me inside, and yes,
I felt it in the dojo, but training beyond
a dojo, in a different school, and
being able to train outside, under a
big beautiful tree, was such an extraordinary

I think in my life, I have always carried the
heart of a martial artist inside.

In fact, when training in Capoeira and
being able to meet Mestres, and teachers,
and instructors from other countries, was
wonderful, and one of the Mestres told me,
(in his language), had told
me I, I am in fact a martial artist inside,
and my outside just has to catch up.
There are people that did help out
with translations in with the teachers and

Yes, even looking for films, that go beyond,
any Hollywood film, in which the films,
are in different languages, sub-titles and all;
I had gotten use to enjoying a film, while
reading at the same time.

For opening my mind up, and people showing me,
wonderful, gorgeous films from other countries,
it has brought me much joy.

To see human beings, transform themselves,
through movements like animals and elements,
in films or in real life, is incredible.

Ok, for those that don't know about martial arts,
it does have to do with elements, like water,
earth, fire, and animals like tigers, monkeys and
many things.

Why do you think, when you see a martial artist
in a film, when they move, you might think
they are moving like a monkey, cause that
is really the form a person is taking.

In a lot of other cultures, especially in China,
a lot of people do train in martial arts and
Tai Chi and do live a happy, healthy, productive
lives, which indeed helps them to live longer.

Actually the descendant of Bruce Lee's teacher,
Ip Man ( I think it might be Yip), his grandson,
actually was showing the man who was playing
Ip Man, Donnie Yen some movements, while
making the film.

Ip Man is somewhere along the lines of being
in his 80's and you would not think that, and seeing
this man move, you definately would be in awe.

Yes, everything does eventually come down to,
bringing up the one man in this world I want to work with; Jackie Chan.

I don't think it is too bad to look up to someone, who
indeed is still somewhat seem to be in great shape.

So Jackie maybe be 58 going on 59, but I guarantee
you that some people that are a lot younger, couldn't
even do the things Jackie does in his 50's.

I tend to think Jackie is going to be doing films in
his 80's and will just keep going.

I just don't know when he really sleeps, even though,
he does fall asleep on downtime on film sets.

I also seen first hand, on some film sets, the main
actors, how hard they work to get a scene right.

Can you imagine?

Not only acting and remembering lines, but also
have to have movements down, where in reality,
while they are doing this, it could almost get them

Quite frankly, I don't think the people who do their
own stunts, or stunt people get enough recognition.

Of course people that don't care about martial arts,
or even think twice about the dangerous stunts,
are going to even care.

When I hear, especially from women, that say
the stunts don't matter, and they only care
about the actor, is really such a ridiculous

Actually if there is an actor that has a stunt double,
who do you think is making the actor look good?

But I know, martial art films and action films have come a long way.


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