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Perform the Americana Shoulder Lock in Jiu Jitsu

Updated on September 3, 2020

The practice of Martial Arts has been increasing in its popularity as a means of self-defense or for competitive purposes.

The practice of Martial Arts has been increasing in its popularity as a means of self-defense or for competitive purposes. One of the more well-known styles that is arousing a lot of eager interest is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is probably because with this form of martial arts, size does not really matter when it comes to down to defending oneself. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu involves special techniques that include sweeps, strikes, and blocks that are carefully taught to its practitioners. One of these techniques is called the Americana Shoulder Lock, used to hyper-extend or hyper-rotate a body joint, specifically the shoulder. Follow the steps below to learn how to perform and Americana Shoulder Lock in Jiu Jitsu.

First Step. The Americana shoulder lock must be practiced slowly and consistently to be able to master the technique. When used for sparring purposes, one must take extra caution in performing this technique against a partner. Slow and gentle moves are necessary to avoid any accidents that can cause serious injury to your sparring partner’s shoulder.

Second Step. The Americana shoulder lock is performed when your opponent is laying flat on his back on the ground. He must be below you, your body rested right on top of him, and your chest firmly planted on his. To keep him pinned in that position, his arm must be laid across the lower part of his body. Place both of your arms together, keeping them around both his arm and his shoulder. This will ensure that you have locked him in place and can no longer move freely.

Third Step. Get a firm hold of your opponent’s upper arm and make sure that it stays in its place. Once done, make use of your lower hand to get a good hold of his wrist that should be positioned across his body. In case he makes the mistake of freeing his arm from his body, you are at an advantage as it will be much easier for you to perform the Americana shoulder lock. Tighten your grip around his wrist and pull out his arm from his body moving it upwards until it bends at the elbow. This arm should now be curved at an angle of 90 degrees.

Fourth Step. After accomplishing the second step, you will now need to hold his wrist, this time making use of your upper hand. As you do this, get your lower hand to slide down beneath his triceps, securely holding on to your other wrist and locking the shoulder firmly to its place. Pull the arm inward as tightly as you can. Roll down your fingertips and start to press the arm downwards towards the direction of his feet.

The best way to learn and practice the techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu club. Training is not that easy however, and takes commitment and patience. This is not something that can be rushed and mastering the art is a long process. However, the health benefits it offers is enough to keep you persisting in learning more and more about this style of martial arts, something you will never regret.


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