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Benefits of a Plotwatcher TLV Game Camera

Updated on January 29, 2013

Scouting Camera Innovations

Digital game cameras have seen some innovative technology changes. Hunters have the ability to be armed with more knowledge before heading to the woods. Scouting camera manufacturers are integrating time lapse video engineering into their cameras, and giving hunters an additional advantage.

Time-Lapse Video scouting cameras are immensely different than traditional game cameras and operate in a completely different approach. Pictures are merely taken on a standard game camera if the game or wildlife passes within the range of the infrared sensor. A game camera's infrared sensor will only reach out to 30 or 45 feet. Game passing outside of the sensor's range are in no way detected, resulting in no pictures. You need to investigate the effective range of an infrared sensor before hanging your game camera. It is often difficult to determine the best location to mount a camera in order to capture images of wildlife passing through the area.

TLV game cameras operate under a totally different principal than typical game cameras, and give hunters a completely new perspective in the woods. Pictures are taken at pre-determined time intervals. The delay in between each picture can normally be set to different intervals, say every 5 or 10 seconds. No activation of any sensors is required. Since no sensor is used for activation, you get a better idea of game movement in the woods. A TLV game camera will capture images of wildlife, as long as the game is within the field of view of your camera site.

Day6Outdoors Corners the TLV Market with the Plotwatcher

Some traditional game camera companies have offered a food plot setting on some game camera models. Dedicated TLV cameras were inspired by this mode. More recently, companies are introducing dedicated TLV game cameras that operate only in a TLV mode. The Plotwatcher TLV scouting camera was manufactured by Day6Outdoors, and is giving outdoorsman a whole new picture of what is happening in the woods. They include software for your computer that allows you to rapidly scan through the images, just as if you were watching a video. Hunters can now view deer as they enter the frame, and see the paths and trails that they are moving on. Another motion search feature allows you to quickly jump through the images and only stop on pictures that have game. This is a big timesaver.

No matter how you hunt, your chances for success are increased with the knowledge this TLV will arm you with. For the first time, gun hunters have the ability to monitor activity in fields or other open areas that standard game cameras could not cover. Bow hunters now have the ability to ascertain the exact trails that deer are moving on, and fine tune their treestand locations to ensure a close shot.

Take a closer glance at the new TLV scouting cameras, and it will open your eyes to a whole new way of scouting. Don't be surprised if you see other game camera manufacturers entering the time lapse video market before long.

Plotwatcher Sample Pictures

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