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Potential Celtics Off-Season Targets

Updated on March 24, 2016

With the playoffs coming up this also means the offseason is coming. For the Celtics and Danny Ainge the offseason can be very big for the organization. The Celtics are always known to make blockbuster trades and signings in the offseason. One of the needs that is always brought up for the Celtics is the need for a superstar. Don't get me wrong I believe IT4 can be a superstar but he is very underrated in this league and people are looking for a big name for the Celtics.

So I'm going to go through and look at the best pick ups and deals the Celts can make. On the list of unwanted players (in my eyes) is Al Horford and Dwight Howard. Now before you yell at me and say I know nothing just hear me out. Don't get me wrong they are both elite players but they are getting older and can't improve that much more. I also believe Howard isn't a very good fit and think he could cause some chaos if he doesn't look like the only superstar. Plus I don't want Brad Stevens to get kicked out from a player *cough Kevin Mchale cough*...

Now I'll stop with the depressing non-pick ups and talk about who could be good for the green. First I think a sleeper is Bradley Beal. If you look at it Beal has great scoring and pretty solid defense, I believe he is a good look for the Celts even though he might be quite a few Ben Franklins.

The next player I would like to see Danny Ainge work his magic to get is Hassan “2k rating” Whiteside. He is an excellent defender but his offense needs some work but he can definitely beef up the paint. I also think one of Whiteside’s teammates would be a good pick up. I believe Green will look good in green again… Gerald Green that is. Very versatile, athletic, and was drafted by the C’s in 2005. One of the last players coming up in this offseason who would cost a max contract but would be great is DeMar DeRozan. I believe he has broke out the past few years and would bring scoring into the Celtics squad.

Now with all the players I've just noted there would have to be some subtractions from the team. There will be four free agents in 2016; Jerebko, Turner, Zeller, and Sullinger. Turner and Sullinger are the only ones I see that are worthy of coming back, but they are both very questionable. Sullinger needs to get into shape and Turner could improve his perimeter shooting. There are also two impressive offensive players in this offseason if the Celts can't find enough, and they would be Courtney Lee and Kevin Martin. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the Celtics could also sign Matthew “The GOAT” Dellavedova…. This is no joke (it actually is. If anyone thinks that this dude is good please leave).

I will be very interested in what the Danny Ainge and the Celtic organization can pull off this offseason. I hope if we get Whiteside so the Celtics 2k rating will go up, so people can stop the Warriors/Cavalier cheese… To all the 2k fans out there. I know whatever the Celtics will do it will improve the team, unless it's Dellavedova. I'll also be looking if they hold on to that Brooklyn pick. I'm very excited with this upcoming season and the new faces in green.


Twitter: @ianritchey8

Who would you like to see the Celtics pick up?

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