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Pre-Draft NFL Picks. Week 1, 2015

Updated on April 22, 2015

Obvious Disclaimer is Obvious.

This is just for fun.
Obviously I have no idea what the rosters will look like in September.
I don't even know who will be drafted soon, this is just a little something to get my feet wet.
The off-season can be tough for guys who love to write about football, so I'm doing this.
I've played with the idea of doing this for a couple of weeks, but realistically, things change too much for me to have any idea.
What I might do is make my Week 17 picks, so I can look back next year and remember who I thought was going to be good at that time.

Pittsburgh @ New England- New England.

Welcome back!
I know that I'm supposed to be making predictions about the game with the roster as is, and the way the Pats look now, the secondary isn't much, buuuuuuuuuut let's be real.
The Patriots have won AFC Championships with less.
Celebrating a Super Bowl victory, at home, with what I am assuming will be a perfectly healthy team?
I've gotta go with New England.
Especially since...
Let's not pretend the Steelers secondary is loaded with superstars...

Here's my question.
How come the Steelers have the toughest schedule in the NFL and the Patriots have the easiest?
How is that fair?

Green Bay @ Chicago- Green Bay.

I long for the day when this rivalry is restored to what it once was.
These two are some of the proudest franchises in the history of the league...
And the Bears aren't doing their part to make this game interesting.
We're talking about Jay Cutler vs Aaron Rodgers.
And that essentially sums it up.
One team is missing pieces, kinda broken, and washed up.
The other team is young, explosive, and exciting.
What do you think is gonna happen?

Kansas City @ Houston- Kansas City.

This game is interesting.
I anticipate that both of these teams will be better than they were last year.
As much as I really like what the Texans are working with defensively, offensively there are still too many questions. With the loss of Andre Johnson, and question marks at the quarterback position, I don't know how they're going to move the ball.
Sure, they can give the ball the the hopefully healthy Arian Foster, but it's not like Kansas City is a slouch against the run.

Cleveland @ New York (Jets)- New York.

Will I be watching this game in September?
No I will not.
As it stands now, we're talking about some pretty dreadful QB play.
Geno Smith/Brian Fitzpatrick vs Johnny Manziel/Josh McCown?
There's a "would you rather" joke for ya.
I took the Jets because they just have more going for them as a team.
Cleveland didn't do much to get stronger, and at least the Jets have some offensive weapons.

Indianapolis @ Buffalo- Indianapolis.


This is my first no brainer of the season.
I don't see how Luck doesn't cut through an overpriced defense or how Matt Cassel generates offense for the Bills.

Miami @ Washington- Miami.

The Redskins have too many question marks.
Who will their starting QB be?
What kind of offense will they run?
Who is going to step up on defense?
So many questions.

At least the Dolphins have their QB situation set up.

Carolina @ Jacksonville- Carolina.

The Jags haven't done enough to improve, but it feels like they spent a ton of money.
Bortles better reallllllly get his act together or he risks getting lost in line like Gabbert did.
The Panthers didn't do a lot either, but at least they've got Kuechly back there shoring up the defense.
I think the Panthers win an ugly game.

Seattle @ St. Louis- Seattle.

I actually really struggled with this pick. Part of me really wanted to pick the Rams.
I'm serious.
Their defense is finally healthy and just overflowing with talent.
The addition of Nick Foles...
He's not a superstar, but he's the best QB they've had in at least ten years.
Unfortunately, the Seahawks didn't miss a beat in the off-season.
If anything, they got better.
Fresh, healthy, and hungry, I give Seattle a huge win to start the season.

New Orleans @ Arizona- Arizona.

This pick just feels wrong, doesn't it?
But... The Saints are rebuilding.
They're not the team they were a few years ago.
Meanwhile the Cards are a talented defensive squad with a few pieces on offense.
If Palmer can stay healthy and get back to how he was playing before the injury... They could be interesting.

Detroit @ San Diego- San Diego.

What an interesting game...
Lots of offensive talent.
Lots of inconsistency.
Honestly, I'm only taking San Diego because the Lions lost a lot in free agency and I don't think they have quite the defense they once did.
The Chargers may have lost some faith in Keenan Allen, but he's still a dependable target, and a fresh Antonio Gates is scary for any defense.

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay- Tampa Bay.

Who the hell decided the worst two teams in football should play each other in the first week?...
I don't even want to pick this game.
I'll take Tampa Bay because they've got more talent than the Titans and there's something about rookie debuts where quarterbacks seem to have huge games.

Cincinnati @ Oakland-

Ah, the real question.
Would I be able to stifle my hopes long enough to think clearly about my favorite team.
I have to take the Bengals.
I don't want to.
I wish I didn't have to.
The Raiders have to prove that their improvements have made a difference.

Baltimore @ Denver- Denver.

I don't know who is going to be catching passes in Baltimore.
I have no freaking clue.
And with a completely different offense in Baltimore...
I'm sure they'll get their act together as time passes by, but it might be an ugly start to the season.
A rested Peyton Manning is still pretty scary, and I'm sure the Ravens wish they were catching Denver in December.

New York (Giants) @ Dallas- Dallas.

This game is almost always good.
Regardless of how good or bad both teams are, they always make it interesting.
I need to see what the Cowboys do to address the runningback situation.
McFadden has great speed, but he's blind as a bat, and needs an oversimplified offense to be successful (See 2011 Raiders vs. his career).
The Cowboys have the kind of offensive line that can make average runners look good and good backs look great.
If they keep to the running game that made them successful last year, they should be set.
The Giants need to take a note from the Cowboys and commit to the run, things haven't looked good when all the pressure has been on Eli.
Statistically, last year was great, but then you look at the scores from some of their games...
And you realize most of that came in garbage time.

Philadelphia @ Atlanta- Philadelphia.

You know why i don't like the coaching hire by Atlanta?
Because I don't believe in grabbing coordinators from successful teams as coaches.
Gus Bradley was a great coordinator at Seattle, has shared that success in Jacksonville?
Tell me about the "brilliant offenses" that Brian Billick brought to Baltimore...
And why were Tony Dungy's defenses always so questionable?
If you gave me the assistant writer from Friends, I couldn't make a great sitcom.
Also, isn't this the coach who thought KJ Wright covering Rob Gronkowski one on one in the redzone was a good idea? Give that a google.

I'm not a huge fan of the hiring, and I don't understand why we still fawn over Matt Ryan.
The kid has played well statistically, but he's a poor man's Tony Romo, who is a poor man's Peyton Manning.
This guy is really poor.

Now, I'm not necessarily high on the Eagles either, but playing that fast-paced offense in the first game of the season.. Could spell trouble for defenses.
Especially because nobody's had a real chance to get hurt yet.

Minnesota @ San Francisco- Minnesota.

This doesn't feel right.
It is.
The 49ers are a mess.
They are holier than Jesus driving a truck full of swiss cheese.
The biggest name remaining on their roster is Colin Kaepernick.
Not exactly someone to write home to the shareholders about.
I definitely have my doubts about the Vikings, but at least they have a group of semi-talented youngsters to give the fans some hope.


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      Bob 2 years ago

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