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Predicting the 2015 NFL Award Winners.

Updated on August 27, 2015

Obvious Disclaimer is Obvious.

The season hasn't even started yet.
I've only seen glimpses of teams play meaningless pre-season games.
I could be terribly, terribly wrong.
Please share your opinion if it differs.

Comeback Player of the Year- Adrian Peterson.

I'll spare you the pun...

Just kidding, no I won't.
AP should run away with this award.
Unlike the last time Peterson won the not-so-coveted "Comeback Player of the Year" award, it was because he rushed for over 2,000 yards!
Now, while I'm not saying he'll do anything close to that again this year, he has had a season off and the media do love some "AP".
As long as he limps over 1,000 yards, he should win this particular piece of hardware.

Defensive Rookie of the Year- Randy Gregory.

High on "believing"

The Cowboys spent a lot of money on beefing up the defense this off-season, and while I'm sure Greg Hardy will fit in just fine on that defensive line, the biggest benefactor is rookie pass rusher, Randy Gregory.
As long as he doesn't fail any drug tests, he's in a prime spot to put on decent numbers and should be considered the leader for the DROTY in a very shallow class.

Offensive Rookie of the Year- Amari Cooper.

This man never smiles.

Seriously, I googled "Amari Cooper Smiling"...
Didn't get anything.

While he's not the smiley type, I imagine that Raiders QB, Derek Carr has been grinning all summer.
Cooper comes in as easily the most polished rookie in the league, and one who is set to be the focus of the Raiders offense.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if Cooper hauled in over 60 catches for 1,000 yards and 8 TDs this year.
That would be enough to win the hardware if I were voting.

Defensive Player of the Year- J.J. Watt.

Copy and Paste.

Seriously. Until further notice, assume J.J. Watt is going to be the defensive player of the year.
He should have brought home the MVP last year but...

Offensive Player of the Year- Jamaal Charles.

The ultimate consolation prize.

If you're not a QB, you have to do something pretty incredible to even be considered for the MVP.
So that usually leaves RBs and WRs to fight over the offensive player of the year...

This year, I think Charles brings home the hardware.
Le'Veon Bell is suspended early, I have my doubts about Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray has a reservation on the injury report, and LeSean McCoy might have Tyrod Taylor under center this year.

I think the addition of Jeremy Maclin opens up some space for Charles to run through, and I'll be surprised if he doesn't exceed 1,400 rushing yards this season (barring injury).

Most Valuable Player- Andrew Luck.

So easy a caveman could do it...

Before Jordy Nelson went down with an ACL tear, I had Aaron Rodgers penciled in for this spot because... well...
Unfortunately his WR corps was too talented to do anything but dominate the pathetic schedule they lucked into this year.
Unfortunately, Jordy went down and Green Bay's offense lost their balls.

I think Luck has enough weapons to really terrorize defenses this year, especially an AFC South that took a huge step back.
It remains to be seen if he can get past Tom Brady and the Patriots, but I'm willing to bet that Luck brings home at least one piece of hardware this year.


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