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Pregnant Woman Finishes Marathon

Updated on July 21, 2020

Fear of Failure

Sometimes it’s easier to make excuses and never try for fear of failure, especially if that excuse is easily accessible and ready for use. It’s easier to say I can’t possibly do that, instead of, I think I’ll give it a go even though I might fail. I’m sure we’ve all probably seen ourselves in both scenarios. I know I certainly have.

I would like to think, however, that I have not let fear of failure stand in my way too often. I’m smiling as I anticipate what I’m preparing to share with you, because I know myself pretty well. I would also like to take credit for making such wise choices, but sometimes I think I obliviously rush forward not even stopping to think about the consequences and just happen to be extremely lucky.

Amber Miller Finishes Chicago Marathon

Let Amber Miller of Westchester, Illinois make her entrance. If you’ve heard her name you probably know where I'm headed with this. If not, let me introduce you to a woman who had that built in excuse but did not use it and accomplished something that no one else has ever done.

On Sunday, October 10, 2011, Amber Miller who could be easily described as an avid runner crossed the finish line at the Chicago Marathon. At 27 years of age, this was her eighth marathon to complete. That’s pretty amazing, in and of itself, at least it would be for me. But that doesn’t sound like an accomplishment that no one else has ever achieved, does it? What makes this feat even more sensational is the fact that just a few hours after completing the 26.2 mile marathon, Ms. Miller delivered a healthy baby girl.

That’s right! Just minutes after crossing the finish line, Amber Miller experienced her first contractions. And just over six hours later she was holding her 7 pound 13 ounce baby daughter, June, born at 38 weeks and 5 days! Ms. Miller ran the marathon while almost full term. Speaking of built-in excuses!

3 Marathons While Pregnant

Ms. Miller discovered she was pregnant just days after she had registered to run in the Chicago race. Since she was already running, she decided to continue forward with her plans, and play it by ear as the race approached to see if she would indeed compete in the marathon. She was quoted as having said, “I am crazy about running.” Many people feel that she could have stopped after the first 3 words of that statement.

Ms. Miller did have an okay from her doctor to run the race as long as she walked half of it. With her husband running along the sidelines with her, she took the half-run, half-walk approach that allowed her to finish the race. Although her time was much slower than her normal pace, she was pleased to have completed the goal that she had set out for herself.

Even more amazing is the fact that this was the second race she completed during this pregnancy. At 17 weeks, she completed the Wisconsin Marathon in May. And in 2009, she also ran in the Indianapolis Marathon while 18 weeks pregnant with her first child, Caleb.

I would never suggest that anyone run a race, much less a marathon, while pregnant, and especially so close to term. Doctors will tell you however, that as long as a runner is healthy and running before getting pregnant, that continuing the practice during pregnancy is fine as long as they are closely monitored by their doctor.

Although I would never suggest that anyone go to this extreme, I do want to challenge all of us to step out of our comfort zones and try something that we have never done before. If I had not done so just 9 short weeks ago, and ventured into the magical land called HubPages, and tried something that I had only previously dreamed of, I would not have written this and the previous 75 articles!

I can honestly say that many times I feel as wobbly as a newborn colt as I continue in this adventure called writing, in the magical land called HubPages. And I’ve even started to venture beyond the safe borders of HubPages into a strange and exotic land called Freelance. As I continue to explore a little further each day out of my comfort zone, I can feel these wobbly legs get just a little stronger each day.

Have you stretched and spread your wings recently?

You guys (males) are going to have to think outside the box on this one! Would you run a marathon while pregnant?

See results

© 2011 Cindy Murdoch


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