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Premature Royal Rumble Predictions.

Updated on January 15, 2015

The Divas Championship

I can't see it changing hands yet. The match will likely be Nikki vs. Natalya as some sort of twisted "Total Divas" promo, and I can't see them taking the belt off of Nikki just yet.
I guess it's hard for me to imagine the belt in the hands of a glorified reality star when there are 3 actual female wrestlers on the main roster and so many great girls down in NXT, but for now, it'll stay with Icky Bella.

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat.

Let's be real, all of the favorites to win the Royal Rumble are faces, so it only makes sense that the WWEWHC heading into Wrestlemania will be a Heel.
I think they added Seth Rollins to the match so that they could protect everyone's push by having them lose in some sketchy "heelish" way. They'll have to work hard to make everybody in the match "look strong" and I think they'll probably tease cashing the briefcase in at the end.
I'd like to see some tension between Paul Heyman and Brock. They need to find something for Paul to do after Brock leaves and pairing him with Seth just makes too much sense not to happen.
Honestly, the entire match comes down to Brock's contract.
For me, it's downright stupid to have Brock lose at the Rumble.
He doesn't have to defend next month at fast lane if he doesn't want to, but don't tarnish the streakbreaker's legacy by just throwing his momentum away.
Ugh. Well I doubt they'll give Seth the clean win, so either Brock retains or Seth screws Brock and Cena wins but then he cashes in.

My 30.

These are the 30 superstars that I think will be in the Royal Rumble match.
Roman Reigns.
Dean Ambrose.
Daniel Bryan.
Bray Wyatt.
Bo Dallas.
Sami Zayn.
Adrian Neville.
The Ascension.
The Big Show.
Randy Orton.
Dolph Ziggler.
Erick Rowan.
Kofi Kingston.
Big E Langston.
Xavier Woods.
Rob Van Dam.
Rey Mysterio.
Titus O'neil.
Darren Young.
Luke Harper.
Bad News Barrett.
Tyson Kidd.

My Winner- Roman Reigns.

You can't have Daniel Bryan win consecutive Wrestlemania main events, so expect him to somehow get screwed by the Authority.
I'd bet a few bucks that they'll throw Dean Ambrose or the returning Dolph Ziggler in the number one spot and unless they run the tables, they'll get eliminated just like Punk did last year.
Roman is the guy who the company has been pushing relentlessly since his return at TLC, and I think he'll come in around 27, spear some heels and finish what he started last year.


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