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Preparing for your Camping Trip

Updated on November 24, 2015

The Joys of Camping

Thought about a weekend in the wilderness lately? It's the perfect time of year for camping.

~ Nights by the campfire sharing stories and enjoying the sights and sounds of the outdoors...

~ Days fishing, hiking, and spending quality time with friends and loved ones...

Camping can be a great experience if you plan, pack, and prepare for your trip in advance. The key to a great camping experience depends on these factors. It is highly important to "gear up" before the trip.


Packing Preparations & Planning

First things first, selecting the perfect tent for your group. You will see that there are many to choose from. My family takes camping trips each year, so we wanted to make sure we selected a durable, waterproof tent that would give us room to move.

Now that you have a tent, it is time to start collecting the other items that will ensure a safe, comfortable and memorable adventure. After a few trips into the wilderness forgetting key items each time, I decided to get organized with my packing. I went out and purchased four large plastic bins that would be a forever home for our camping gear.

You will need at least 4 large plastic containers for packing and sorting your camping gear.
You will need at least 4 large plastic containers for packing and sorting your camping gear.

Basic Camping Gear

Plastic Bin Organization

  1. Kitchen/Cooking Items

    1. Pots and pans

    2. Cutting Knife

    3. Scissors (always handy)

    4. Table cloth (trust me some of the tables are dirty… not to mention ants and spiders)

    5. Paper plates, bowls

    6. Napkins or paper towel

    7. Matches/lighter

    8. Charcoal if going to camping ground and plan to grill

    9. Tinfoil, trash bags

    10. Salt and pepper

  2. Personal & Sleeping Items

    1. Pillows

    2. Lots of blankets

    3. Toilet paper

  3. Items for tent

    1. Tarp (Goes under tent to prevent holes in the bottom of the tent and unwelcome moisture)

    2. Air Mattresses and pump

    3. Sheets for under air mattresses

    4. Extra Tent Stakes

    5. Mat for tent entrance

  4. Other/Lighting

    1. Flashlights

    2. Radio

    3. Lantern & fuel

    4. Rope

    5. Insect repellent

    6. Batteries

    7. First aid kit & whistles

    8. Games, binocular, other recreational items

      ** Most of this stuff can be left in the bins permanently and should be ready for future camping trips. Usually when we get home, I go ahead and wash the linens and pack them back in the containers. If done right, you will only need to double check everything in the bins. That will free you up to focus your efforts on packing the other necessities such as your cooler of food and everyone’s clothes and other personal items.

Other Important Items & Tips to Remember

Don't forget your camp chairs, weather appropriate clothing and shoes, allergy and pain meds, sleeping bags. and any other important items.

It is important to plan your meals ahead so that you have all the necessary items for cooking. Pack plenty of water just in case and remember to stay hydrated.

If you plan to fish, hike, or canoe you will need some additional equipment.

* If you leave the group, take a whistle and let someone know where you are going in case you get lost.


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