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Pros Versus Amateurs - Is It Yardage?

Updated on July 29, 2019

Golfing Buddies

To begin with we need to understand that most pros don't know how far they hit it necessarily and most amateurs are tee totalers and look gravely into their scorecards for the necessary adjustment.

After some time on the driving range the average amateur takes a look down the fairway and grips it and rips it in a deep prayer mostly. But once in a while, maybe half the time for most people they tend to discover the people problem is really them. They will hit it short and sweet and take their time to deliver the bad news to their spouses or significant others they play with. In due time, the course takes a toll on their serious side we need to manifest the yardage books more appropriately I say.

That is where yardage comes in there are three basic principles behind the precept that we tend to underestimate the yardage and end up short of the green or far behind the pros in terms of yardage. It goes as follows:

1. We tend to discover the weight of the yards off the tee when we say that for example on the driving range the distance is marked off by boards or such and such and we hit it 250 yards over there and the same should be true on the golf course but it is not. The driving range is suited for practice mainly and never as a true indicator of actual distance because of the "conditions of play" as the term used in golf making use of the lay of the land and that is the best indicator of distance. Most of the time more and more Pros are using their Binoculars for golf or the use of standard measure yardage from sprinkler heads but most important to grasp is the idea that amateurs versus pros is about the feeling one gets from getting to the goal of having a short iron in their hand for the approach shot into the green. This is the main idea behind the stroke play and can be the determining factor in making your GPS system talk!

2. Theoritically speaking we tend to undervalue the time it takes to evaluate each and every golf shot and we undertake the adjustment as corollary to a succesful shot off the tee producing results that are in regulation with the Professionals. Most programs with golf like the First Tee program for juniors focuses on the short game not distance because of the reason that it may not corrolate into actual results on the large and unforgiving golf course one may play. So to make it short and sweet, pros use distance as a unitary measure counting each and every step as it would be a metric system for example. We need to see that the actual readings on the course are because we are better ball strikers not because of the speed at which the big hitters get around the course. It is true that living from the source of the evidence that the yardage of most amateurs tends to overvalue the approach shot not taking into account the level of primates in the trees! The obstacles in our path are the ones preventing us to look at the yardage and have a outlook that is in parallel to the alluvial soil that is rising from the turf.

3. The most common factor in determining the aspect of realistic goals to prepare for amateurs to play is the idea that losing grip of the distance to and from the tee is the time it takes to measure distance accurately off the tee and appropriate the meandering through the thickest part of the rough to see that distance matters! This is true for the burgeoning professional as well, in this isn't easy strategy of pacing off the yardage to sprinkler heads for example gives us the level of trust in ourselves that we know how far the ball is traveling on a pure solid players club. When we know distance isn't the goal we will gather the feeling that the longest shot off the tee is the best only if it gives us a chance to make the approach shot a little closer than before. Going back to the driving range to hit balls will allow overtime in a game of golf that is crucial to the success of accurately measuring distance and future holdings in LOL game is really the reality that time makes it easy to give yardages. As a caddy I know that the moment is to be in the present and take the listening to the Pro as a advice giver not a BOSS. We believe that anyone can hit it farther theoretically than that previously believed by everyone and the people behind the scenes can take credit for that.

Enjoy your next round with confidence off the tee!

Anish Patel (California)


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