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Psy's Fantasy Football Sleepers

Updated on September 7, 2012

QB Sleepers

All rankings from previous seasons made from espn standard scoring.

1. Ryan Fitzpatrick: Ranked 12th last year despite playing last 9 games of the season with broken ribs, attributed from this artivle among others I believe the buffalo offense will run similar to its excellence in beginning of season and fitzpatrick will be a top 10 qb this year. Despite his ranking at end of last season fitzpatrick is a fringe draft pick in even 12 team leagues this year. Thus I think he is being vastly under-valued.

2. Philip Rivers: Ranked 9th last season despite looking completely lost at times and completing almost as many passes to other teams as he had tds. A lot of this prediction hinges on how well and fast the chemistry develops between Rivers and his new wrs, including the "hyped" up meachem. I think Rivers may start the year hitting some rough patches, though big games for floyd and gates but by mid-point in season he will consistently put up top 5 fantasy numbers. This is not so far-fetched as not many qbs have put back to back 4500 yard seasons together and I am expecting around the same this year as his tds increase and int goes down.

3. Carson Palmer: His ranking last year is skewed down due to not starting whole season but he did wound up having 6/9 games scoring 15 or more points which is fringe top 10 production. Yes he needs to work on his decision making and int but I believe heyward-bey steps it up as he did late last year becoming a number 1 type wr while moore is steady and palmer will end up around 10-12 ranking for qbs though numbers still will be a tad inconsistent.

Going be adding more including rbs/wrs

RB Sleepers

All rankings from previous seasons made from espn standard scoring.

1. Fred Jackson: Went down with an injury last year but would of fully expected him to roughly be a top 5 rb if he would of stayed healthy. He had either 100 total yards or a td in every game he played until the last one where he went down injured. Has the ability to make plays in the running and passing game, so can even produce against tough run defenses. He is being taken in roughly third round area or sometimes later in drafts meaning you can get a potential top 5 rb for rather cheap.

2. Ahmad Bradshaw: A guy who dealt with injury and offensive line concerns last year and first game of season it still appeared the Giants o-line has some issues. Despite these issues I do not believe Bradshaw will lose his workload of 15-20 touches atleast a game to David Wilson. It is quickly forgotten that Bradshaw put up 1,200 yards rushing 2 seasons ago and even last year had 9 tds rushing in 12 games. I like him to be closer to two seasons ago and be at worst a strong rb 2 in 12 team leagues.

3. Roy Helu: Yes, I know the shenanigans Shanahan plays with his rbs as it is reported having Royster being listed as number 1 on the team's depth chart, but I think Helu is the more complete back running/catching ability. He has the ability to put up top 5 rb numbers and where he is being drafted, you can rarely get that potential. You will have, or should I say should have, a couple stable rbs before having to make a choice on getting Helu so the gamble should be low and the reward high. He is a 100 yard a game rb if given the chance, which will be only thing holding him back.

WR Sleepers

All rankings from previous seasons made from espn standard scoring.

1. Malcom Floyd: Someone has to replace Vincent Jackson, who despite his amazing ability to be inconsistent, still accounts for around 1100 yards and lots of the deep passes, so why not Floyd? I like that Floyd has experience and much better chemistry with Rivers than Meachem. I also still am not sure if Meachem at this point is anymore then just hyped coming into the year based on when he was drafted as he really could not take over as the second wr for the Saints. Brees does not play favorites, he spreads ball around enough that I think if Meachem played well he would of done better with Saints. Thus, I am hinging my bets that Floyd hits the 1100 yard and 10 td mark this year propelling him from a wr ranked around 30th in espn to one closer to a top 10 guy.

2. David Nelson: Yes, yes here is a big reach considering the prospects of Nelson being a sleeper are directly tied to my sleeper qb Fitzpatrick. I think for Fitzpatrick to take the next level this is the year Nelson needs to step up on other side of Stevie Johnson. He has the size to be a big target in the red zone and if he learns to use his size, there really is not a cornerback that can stop him; think Plaxico Burress last year becoming a bigger threat in the red zone with his size. I can see 1000 yard 8-10 td season for Nelson this year.

3. Heyward-Bey: I think this is the year where he goes from draft day laugher to apparent bust to stardom. He has all the ability and as long as he stays healthy he can be in for a big season as him and Palmer appear to had found a connection last season, ending the season with 433 yards in his last 4 games. His break-out could be close to 1200 yards and 10 tds. Keep an eye out for him as he can be had for relatively cheap in drafts and may even still be on fa depending on size of the league.


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