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Qatar is the Host Country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Updated on May 6, 2011

Qatar is going to host the 2022 World Cup

Qataris are shouting their joy in the capital of Doha, Qatar when the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) President Joseph Blatter proclaimed their country-state as the winner in hosting 2022 World Cup. He announced the result of the FIFA Executive Committee's vote on Thursday 2 December 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland amidst controversies regarding the voting. US Football Association head Gulati said the US lost out because of "politics and alliances".

People monitored and waited for the announcement at cafes, restaurants, TV, news and people all over the world sat down in front of their computers to wait for the much waited. It was also announced that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup.

World Cup is one big sporting event. It is in fact the second biggest next to the Olympics which is also scheduled every four years. For some countries though, soccer is the biggest sports .

The following countries also bid for the World Cup 2022 : Japan, Australia, United Sates, Korea and Indonesia (was turned down in the first round because of lack of support from their government).

The host country Qatar will be the first Arab country to host the World Cup same with Russia in 2018 who is the first to host in that part of the world.

Qatar - The Road to the 2022 World Cup - Plans are Underway

The road to winning the bid seems easy to my mind for Qatar. What with their offer of a "dream hosting" it almost sweep the four round votes of voting. Qatar is vent to spend lots of its money - resources for this world sporting event for sure. One thing more, they are offering a hosting bid which nobody can't deny, it is a dream, according to some. The people in the Gulf area are an avid fans of soccer and to host the biggest sporting event for it is just awesome for them.

Qatar defeated the most favored US and Japan bids which made US Football Association head Gulati uttered in dismay --"Is this about soccer or about natural gas and oil? That's what has just won... they have just bought the World Cup,"" The voting process is not the way I expected it to be done, he said. Well, bidding as high profile as this always elicits negative rumors and gossips and I believe after a week or two the controversy will just die its natural death. Let us hope many things will come out of this.

For sure, there will be an increase of employment opportunities for international workers who for now is the source of workers in Qatar as they will spend some money building nine stadiums plus renovating three more grounds and will provide air conditioning for all of it, as it is hot during the summer in Qatar.

  • Qatar committed to spend some 3 Billion USD for the said hosting of the World Cup.

Article About Qatar - Doha, Qatar

  1. Doha - a Walk in the City
  2. The Art of Demolition in the Heart of Doha, Qatar

Facts About Qatar

  • Doha is the capital of Qatar
  • Currency is Riyal
  • Qatar is located northeast of the much bigger Arabian Peninsula and Saudi Arabia bordered it to the south. For most part, the Persian Gulf surrounds the small country with. The neighboring country Bahrain is separated from Qatar by the Straits of the Persian Gulf.
  • Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the top three highest in the in the whole world - massive economy because of its oil and gas natural reserves.
  • Qatar is an emirate -- the head of the state is the emir who appoints the Prime Minister, and they have a monarchy.
  • They have gained independence for the Ottoman empire and has a border conflict with Saudi Arabia Bahrain but the dispute has been settled.
  • A British protectorate -- the treaty with the British government ended in 1971
  • The total area of Qatar is 11,437 square kms and the population is not exceeding 1.7 million people. It is a small country with massive finances due to its natural reserves.

Qatar - Host of the 2022 World Cup - Congratulations Qataris!

Congratulations to Qatar state for winning the bid for the 2022 World Cup, same with Russia (2018), and we are hoping that more will come out of this event. It is good to know and showcase different parts of the globe.


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