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R-Truth: From Getting Rowdy to Dance-Breaking

Updated on November 5, 2018
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Former Los Angeles Lakers beat writer, future screenwriter, and currently enjoying writing about the amazing superstars of the WWE!

When it comes to putting the 'E' in WWE, there's not many out there who can do that better than R-Truth. Every time the WWE Universe sets their eyes on their beloved rapping superstar, a smile becomes glazed over their faces and their hands start slapping their knees in uncontrollable laughter. The comedic antics of Truth over the years have thoroughly entertained us all, and we have enjoyed every second of it.

For the kind of person R-Truth is, it's incredibly easy to love him and what he does for his fans each time he's seen on a television screen. Just by his mere presence in a segment alone forces every member of the WWE Universe to get themselves ready to laugh and enjoy themselves.

You want to know "what's up", Truth? The level of respect and admiration from every WWE fan all around the world for you. THAT'S what's up!

Before Asked "What's Up!", We All Got Rowdy

On an episode of Monday Night Raw in the year 2000, The Road Dogg and William Regal were in the midst of a hard-fought battle inside the ring when a man named K-Kwik decided to run down to the ring and interrupt them.

After hitting Regal with a microphone, it was time for K-Kwik and The D-O-Double G to start getting rowdy with the WWE Universe. Fans in attendance rose to their feet, threw their hands in the air, and became completely mesmerized by this new dynamic duo rapping inside the ring.

At that time, especially being alongside Road Dogg, it became imminent that the future R-Truth would be an absolute fan favorite. His ability to entertain a crowd of people during his WWE debut the way he did that night is something not many people can pull off. Looking back at that moment now, you can just tell that there was something special about him by how comfortable he was being inside that ring with a mic in his hand.

The Truth Returns To WWE

After several years away from the WWE, R-Truth finally made his way back to where he belonged. With a new name and a fresh new theme song, fans quickly started jumping on the R-Truth band-wagon and started to ultimately find out what was up.

This time around, not only were the members of the WWE Universe entertained by his rapping while entering the ring, his comedic antics started to emerge into our lives. You don't believe me? Well, then maybe you'll believe Pretty Ricky!

However, after a few years of competing in several high profile matches such as the Elimination Chamber, Team WWE vs Team Nexus, and a tag team title match at WrestleMania, the fans eventually saw a complete different side of R-Truth.

In one of the most shocking turns in the history of the WWE, Truth attacked his former tag team partner, John Morrison, in such a way that fans STILL talk about to this day. After losing his WWE Championship opportunity to Morrison in a one-on-one match, a whole different R-Truth introduced himself to the world.

With cigarette in hand, the boos from the attending audience poured down as they no longer saw the happy-go-lucky Truth with a smile on his face, rapping for his fans. We saw an aggressive and focused R-Truth who solidified himself as a bonafide bad-ass who became a true villain in front of our very eyes.

This led to an enormous opportunity for him against the now 16-time World Champion, the one and only, John Cena, at Capitol Punishment. Before that match would happen though, there was somebody that Truth wanted to introduce us all to.

His name was Little Jimmy.

Who ever thought that an imaginary friend of Truth's would be one of the most exciting things in all of WWE at that time?

R-Truth is probably the ONLY person on the roster who could have ever made that happen. That's how good the man is at what he does.

The Truth Gets Golden

Perhaps one of my favorites times in the career of R-Truth was when he aligned himself with the artist formerly known as Goldust. When they took turns stalking the other in hopes of the two becoming tag team partners, every fan watching couldn't help but to just burst out with laughter.

Two of the funniest superstars to ever to step foot in the WWE came together and truthfully were pure comedy gold (pun intended). Every segment they had with one another made us all smile to the point where our faces started to hurt, and made us wonder what the two were going to do or say next.

Whether it was Goldust dressing up as Jimi Hendrix and getting thrown out by security, or R Truth dressing up as a penguin and asking the Golden One to be his penguin partner, you couldn't help but to be completely entertained each time they were on the screen. They undeniably had the perfect chemistry with one another that any comedic duo need, and it worked every single time.

TruthTV and Dance Breaks

Over the course of his career in the WWE, R Truth has been such an entertaining character that we all have admired. Nowadays, he's apart of one of the most highly anticipated segments of any show each week. Not only has TruthTV emerged as one of the most beloved talk shows in WWE history, a simple seven-second dance break has become a must-see commodity every Tuesday on SmackDown Live.

Truth and the fabulous one named Carmella have been the ultimate duo that nobody knew they needed until they saw it in action. With The Princess of Staten Island's new and improved personality mixed with Truth's already lovable self, it's been a no-brainer why these two work so well together.

With being away from our television screens for as long as Truth was, it's incredible how he became one of the highlights of SmackDown Live so quickly after coming back just by being himself. The fans of the WWE absolutely adore his goofy demeanor and every time he opens his mouth, they can't help but to adore him even more.

Thank you, R-Truth, for always being the constant entertainer throughout your tenure in the WWE. Whenever I'm in an upsetting mood, watching you just being you on my television screen would be the breath of fresh air that I'd need. You're definitely one of a kind. Thank you for the sacrifices you've made for the business, thank you for the countless number of laughs, and quite simply, thank you for entertaining me for all these years.

And that's the TRUTH!

Out of these four choices, who has been your favorite partner of R-Truth's?

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