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Get the Most Out of RV Travel

Updated on August 2, 2014

RV Travel

RV Travel

In this article I will provide some tips for successful RV travel and list some of the pros and cons of RV travel.I have been traveling in a RV for as long as I can remember, my father always loved them, and that love has been passed on to me. However, RV travel in not for everyone if you are considering a RV you should travel in one first. I suggest that you rent one, borrow one or go with a friend in one before making the purchase. That being said here are some pros and cons that I have found:


1. it is your home on wheels

2. you never have to sleep in an uncomfortable bed again, or wonder if it is clean.

3. saves money on food, carry your own and cook right there.

4. go where you want to go without worry of where to stay

5. take your pets with you and never have to worry about paying extra

6. take others and share the experience and the expenses

7. stop and eat where ever you want to, right in your RV

8. learn to enjoy a slower pace

9. campsites are cheaper than hotel prices, usually

10. enjoy nature


1. gas prices

2. slower getting where you are going, if you are in a hurry don't take the RV

3. depending on the size of your RV they can be hard to get around in some cities and towns

4. need to pull a car, unless you don't mind unhooking every time you want to go somewhere.

5. if you have a large family it can get a little crowded, just spend more time outside!

If you do decide that RV travel is the way to go here are a few tips to help you along the way;

1. map your RV travel, you can take your time and visit out of the way places, take the scenic route just be sure that you have up to date maps or a GPS

2. always have a checklist of things to do when setting up and what needs to be in the RV

3. Have a first aide kit just for the RV

4. Plan your travel with kids and pets.

5. talk to other RVers no matter how long you have been RVing you can always learn something new from others

6. Plan a menu so you know just what to bring, camp stores are usually expensive

Rving can be very fun and rewarding if you are prepared I have spent many nights by the campfire enjoying the company of friends and family. If you don't need the amenities of the high priced campgrounds the state and federal campgrounds are cheap and filled with nature. In some of the state and federal campgrounds you can camp for free if you work for them, it is a trade off and also can be very rewarding. Senior citizens gets discounts when you map your journey check and see if these things apply, seniors also can get a discounted card to all federal historic sites, campsites and campgrounds that is good for life.

Happy Travels Velzipmur aka Shelly Wyatt


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    • velzipmur profile image

      Shelly Wyatt 5 years ago from Maryland

      Thanks Stephanie! We have small dogs and we love to travel with them as well, I have not run into a campground that charges extra for pets yet but thank you for the heads up, I had a feeling that might start happening. Happy Camping!!

    • Stephanie Henkel profile image

      Stephanie Henkel 5 years ago from USA

      We are avid RVers, and love traveling and seeing the country in our RV. (I'm pleased that some of my hubs are featured at the bottom of your article!) I agree with most of your pros and cons and agree that anyone considering buying an RV should try one out first. We have loved traveling with our cats, but I have to mention that there are some campgrounds that do not allow pets or that charge extra for them -- it's always best to check first! Happey camping and happy travels!