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Radio Controlled Airplanes

Updated on June 20, 2009

Typical radio controlled airplane kit.

This just one example of the many types of radio controlled airplane kits on offer.
This just one example of the many types of radio controlled airplane kits on offer.

Flying radio controlled airplanes

Flyingradio controlled airplanes,or RC airplanes as it sometimes called, is now one of the most popular hobbies in North America and most of Europe. Flying clubs are popping up everywhere. Finding one near your home should not be too difficult. This magnificent pastime has many hobby shops specializing in radio controlled air planes that can get you started. Typically they have the latest models of RC air planes. Books on how to master the art of flying an RC airplane and helicopters, accessories, tools and replacement parts.

These specialist stores are generally owned by RC airplane enthusiasts. They are usually experienced pilots themselves. Many such store owners test and demonstrate the aircraft at their warehouse sites where each model RC airplane is used and abused. New products are usually well test like this. So getting to know your local store is the first step in getting started with your radio controlled airplane.

Flying RC does not just mean airplanes. Radio controlled gliders, blimps and even UFO's can be a real adventure that you get addicted to in no time. As children, most people want to own model cars or airplanes. So adults can now live out their dreams be it piloting a plane or glider. It is important to consider a few things before you take up radio controlled flying as a hobby and finally buy a RC airplane. Remember that buying the RC airplane is an investment and hobby shops will help To make a you make a wise and informed purchase, start with the easy stuff. For an example, a radio controlled glider will get you going for a reasonable layout. You will gain the basic skill of operating and flying and many of the more common features of the hobby. You will then have a great grounding for powered models latter on.

Ready to fly kits.

Ready to fly models (rtf RC airplanes), are avialible and so are the old style 'build em yourself' or self assembley kits. You could also get as set of instructions with drawing and get the raw matrials yourself. The choice is yours.

A visit a store, checkout the various models and types you can choose from. Depending on your experience you could choose one after consulting with the assistant. You'll find basic models for beginners, which are easy to set up and begin flying. There are also models that are sporty and acrobatic, which have the capacity and the capability to pull off amazing tricks. Advanced fliers prefer realistic looking RC airplanes, such as resembling old fighters.

Do not rush and buy a top of the line radio controlled airplane,with all the bells and whistles. Get some experience before getting the "one to have". Have a look around for great bargain offers on the Internet before buying any one.

Have Fun!

Radio Controlled Glider

This is a radio controlled glider with a small electric motor for gaining hight and control.
This is a radio controlled glider with a small electric motor for gaining hight and control.

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  • WillSteinmetz profile image


    7 years ago

    Wonderful and interesting topic. Thanks for sharing.

  • mattd365 profile image


    9 years ago

    Hey good info thank you. I am interested in getting a glider for my little girl.

  • Easy Guitar Tabs profile imageAUTHOR

    Easy Guitar Tabs 

    10 years ago from The UK

    Yes joe have a go with a radio controlled glider with little pete.To get started, Please ask at the store for guidance on a good starters kit to get you up and flying. You will make mistakes so getting a top of the range kit to start out is not such a good idea. Get some experience before moving on to better models and more advanced equipment.Type's of glider wings. There are standard wings or flying wings to choose from.Expanded polypropylene flying wings have become very popular recently, primarily due to their strength. The Zagi is a very popular flying wing. They are often used for slope combat, where pilots try to knock other pilots' gliders out of the sky with their own.Great fun too!

  • Easy Guitar Tabs profile imageAUTHOR

    Easy Guitar Tabs 

    10 years ago from The UK

    Radio controlled Airplanes need not be the most expensive ready to fly model kits on the market. Far from it. A simple radio controlled glider is a great place to start out.



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