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Raider Review: Pre-Season Game #1

Updated on August 15, 2015



Raider Notes-
Seabass will have played the most games as a raider this year? Really?
Boots it out of the park, what else is new? Guess we won’t get to see the special teams yet.
The last time Foles played the Raiders… It wasn’t pretty.
First play, Mack lines up on the line.
First play, a huge completion right over D.J. Hayden… Foles loves that guy.
Second play a massive screen by Austin… Defense tackles itself.
Austin pushed out of bounds by Hayden, but it honestly looks like e could’ve gone for 6.
Not a pretty start by the Raiders defense.
Mack gets incredible penetration and Jelly makes the save, the Raiders are gonna need a lot of that this year.
Ken Norton’s energy is obvious, even from outer space.
T.J. Carrie matched up with Cook, gets roughed up, still manages to break up the play, STL settles for 3.

The Ram starters abused the Raider starters during the first couple of plays, but then they tried to turn to the run and the O stalled.
The Raiders secondary… Gonna need some help.

Holliday has been noted as being scary for both teams because of his ability as a dangerous returner with slippery fingers.
Annnnd on cue, he fumbles, but recovers it for a touchback.

Murray picks up a couple, nothing really of note lol.
Hoping not to see too much of Marquette King, but plenty of Cooper.
Carr goes five wide and the first pass goes to Cooper for the first down… Hopefully the first of many.
Back in the five wide, Carr goes to cooper again, picks up only 2, frighteningly similar to last year’s offense lol.
Reece makes first appearance.
Murray follows Reece and bounces for 17, resembling a young McFadden. Hoping to see tons of that this year.
Tay Train? Ooookay.
End around to cooper, picks up 3.
His last two plays have been for minimal gains, but man… He runs so well, it looks like he’s picking up dozens.
Murray gets the ball and falls forward for a tough couple of yards.
Trent Richardson gets his first play. Blocks.
The Patriot castoff Thompkins catches a lazer from Carr for the first down.
Reece in the slot, finally.
COOPER AGAIN on the PA rollout for a gain of 8.
Failed screen, Carr had to toss it away, but Murray wasn’t ready and pass rush was on top of him.
3rd and 2 and the Raiders go 5 wide, very different from last year lol.
Over the top, but STL corner makes amazing deflection, out comes Seabass.
The ol boot still has it lol.

What can I say about the starting offense?
Carr looked crisp, Murray looked explosive, Cooper looked amazing. The offensive line struggled vs. pass rush and interior runs, but we did get to see a lot of motion and even a rare Reece in the slot.
I think Cooper caught all but one of Carr’s passes on that first drive.
The roster fodder kicks it off but STL boots it, we have yet to see a return.
While the defense looked a little slow, the offense looked great. If all the pieces fall into place…

Mack got a whiff of Foles’ shampoo on that play. God it’s fun to watch him play.
The Rams tried to run towards Mack, LOLJK, turn around and ran into Lofton.
It feels like teams are going to be running up the gut all year, not only because LB is a weak position on the roster, but because damn, Mack is scary.
It looked like the LBs got fooled on a play-action pass, but Foles sailed it on the outside to Austin on Baby-Sherm.
Mack has had a hand in the dirt on the last two plays, he’s getting pressure on the outside, but the RB slipped past him on that play.
Mack was being held viciously and then Jelly got the sack.
HOWEVER, the ref actually called it, didn’t see enough of that last year.
The Raiders have been getting pressure on this drive! Fun to watch.
Good God, Khalil Mack destroyed the pocket all by himself.
And out comes the STL punter, Holliday back to return.
Holliday doesn’t fumble, and rips off a nice 22 yard return.
And it looks like we get another drive with Carr after the break.
The Raiders go out in the five wide again, sending Latavius out right, and a huge gain by Crabtree!
He showed nice explosiveness on that play but good god, he did a split at the end and it made my soul hurt.
Carr’s getting rid of the ball a lot faster and spotting the ball great. So. So. Exciting.
I want to see more down field passing though.
There are still moron Raider fans who will want Matt McGloin over Carr.
Fortunately, they’ll never have a job important enough to influence that decision.
Murray slips and slides through the middle and picks up a nice gain.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Latavius Murray is everything Darren McFadden was supposed to be.
They’re inside the ten, I’d love to see a TD here.
Trips set reminiscent of indy out left.
Carr tries to force a fade to Cooper and gets picked in the endzone.
The corner read the route well and Carr just didn’t get enough height on it.
Still. Loved the pre-play motion, the unique WR sets, the success of the run game, and the tempo.
If Murray is consistently running the ball well, Cooper/Crabtree stay healthy, and Carr can really take that next step, this Raider offense could be something special.

The Rams tried to run at Mack.
Lol. WTF Bro.

Richardson looks solid, but...
Same problems he's always had.
Tough runner who doesn't look where he's going.
Almost guaranteed positive yardage though.
Walford has magnetic hands, but he looks clumsy with the ball in open space.

Ponder looked really good, but not good enough to cause any QB nonsense.

The Bottom Line: Cause Ryan Smith Said So.

  1. Amari Cooper looks really good.
  2. Latavius Murray is the answer at Quarterback.
  3. The Raiders have incredible depth at tight end.
  4. Khalil Mack is going to have to carry the defense by himself.
  5. The offense, in it's most vanilla form, looks more complicated than the one Olson ran last year.

Murray is a running back *facepalm*


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    • Ryan Daniel Smith profile image

      Ryan Smith 2 years ago

      Absolutely. Ben Heeney, an undersized rookie LB just leaped off the film last week

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      I don't think it is at all a bad idea to evaluate the raiders team. Maybe not for the starters but the backups are just as important.