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Rajasthan Royals Termination!

Updated on June 7, 2013

Read Rahul Dravid's Involvement in Fixing case

The fire of ipl 6 spot fixing case has taken its heat from its three players to the co-owners of the team and now to the whole team itself. After the confession of Rajasthan Royal’s co-owner Raj Kundra in the involvement in betting, the BCCI is in pressure to take some serious actions against Rajasthan Royals.

The BCCI has called for an emergency meeting of the working committee of the board, which is to be held on June 10th to discuss this issue. Jagmohan dalmiya, the interin head of BCCI said, “After we have all the details, look into all the details and if it demands any strict action, we will look into it.”

Raj Kundra in the web of spot-fixing- Confession!

The present situations and reports suggest that the team franchise Rajasthan Royals can be terminated as per the contract with the BCCI-IPL. While betting is considered as a minor offence, the team co-owner Raj Kundra might get away with it by paying a small fine, if ever the betting charges are proved against him.

But, Kundra’s involvement in the fixing scandal can prove costly to the team franchise. According to a clause in the franchise agreement, the BCCI can terminate the franchise if any franchise group company/Owner acts in a way to affect the reputation of the IPL, BCCI, franchise or team.

Although, reports claim that Kundra has confessed about his bettings, but the Delhi Police investingating the spot-fixing case has no evidence to prove that the players under-performed under influence of the team owner Raj Kundra.

The Delhi police investigation the ipl 6 spot fixing case also claims Shilpa Shetty’s involvement in the betting-game. However, Shilpa Shetty tweeted that she has never bet on a cricket match and she was involved in the IPL purely because of her love for the “game”. Well, we don’t know which game she was referring to!!

So, the question still remains, ”Is Rajasthan Royals going to be terminated from IPL?” Well, there is too much possibility of the termination of the team franchise because of its owner’s indulgence in the betting, which has affected the reputation of IPL. Let’s wait till June 10th to see what happens.

Read Rahul Dravid's Involvement in Fixing case

Delhi police reveals spot fixing codes


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