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Real Cost And Effects Of The LA Kings Winning Their First Stanley Cup

Updated on June 14, 2012

Kings Fans: The More The Merrier

Take away the long wait -- old timers have computed it at 45 years but even still, you know everything else was completely forgotten once Los Angeles Kings Captain Dustin Brown raised the Stanley Cup after the announcers yelled “The Kings are the kings!”, (of hockey that is).

Teary-eyed for many years, but for four and a half decades die-hard LA Kings fans didn’t give up on their favorite NHL hockey team. And Monday night, June the eleventh 2012, these same Kings fans were again teary-eyed, many unabashedly not because of another disappointing season. But they were shedding tears of pure joy and real admiration for what is most probably the most amazing run of any playoff team of any sport.

Move Over NBA, Make Room For the NHL

This year, we have seen the LA Clippers and the LA Lakers both making the playoffs (and all three alternating their games at the Staples Center). But once the Clips and the Lakers bombed out, everybody jumped on the King’s bandwagon and both the Kings and the fans carried each other to LA history, and all the way to winning the most coveted cup in all of sports.

Real Cost of the Kings Win

June 14, Angelenos wore the purple, the black and the silver (not the gold). And the City hosted the LA Kings Victory Rally and Parade. But what’s the real cost?

Overtime pay for police officers and other essential city employees, road closures, heavy traffic and rerouting, network gridlock, people calling off work, people having extended lunch breaks, people selling fake Kings merchandise and higher costs for the authentic ones, that is if you can even find them.

The NHL Hockey Shop is still selling Kings Jerseys for example but they seem to be pegged at higher prices. These Kings jerseys among other Kings merchandise from the Yahoo! NHL Shop have all been sold out for weeks.

Black Home Jersey

Away Jersey

Source: 10 Great Gifts for the Los Angeles Kings Fan

Anyway, I still was able to score other Kings memorabilia and of course the new 2012 Stanley Cup Winner merchandise.

Future LA Gains

Now, what we should all look forward to now is that aside for the expected soon-to-be LA NFL team, aside from the renewed confidence on both Southland MLB teams, the LA Angels and the LA Dodgers, and of course aside from the NBA SoCal playoff contenders Clippers and Lakers, Los Angelenos should now be preparing for the next generation of hockey fans and players. Five, ten, fifteen years from now, the young Angelenos of today who are going to be taking up the sport will probably be the next Browns, Kopitars and Quicks.

Go Kings! Go LA!



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