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Relax, Take A Deep Breath and See the World

Updated on December 14, 2010

It's important to relax. These days everything is a mad rush to meet deadlines, make appointments, keep everyone happy, do what you're told, have enough money in the bank and appear like it's all just so easy.

Of course it's not easy. And you don't have to do it all either. But it you still believe you have to run the rat race, try and take some time out.


Look at the photos below and for a moment enjoy yourself. Picture beauty. Remember the small things. Envision natural beauty. Remember things you haven't thought about in awhile. Think about what's important to you. And hold onto it.

And - don't forget to breathe, deeply.

See green.
See green.

See the Green

Green is a beautiful natural color that has an amazing effect on your eyes in its natural setting. So next time you have the chance, admire the view, go for a walk in the forest or even bring a green plant with you to work.

Look for the small things.
Look for the small things.

Look at the Small Things

Some of the smallest things in the world have the greatest detail. So keep your eyes open and watch out for something small and beautiful that you may have missed. Whether it's a small beetle, a dappled leaf or just a tiny growth, you'll be amazed at what you can find.

Appreciate color.
Appreciate color.

Appreciate True Colors

Color is one of the most amazing things when presented in nature. Unlike man made color, natural color comes with vibrant flair and hundreds of vibrant varieties and under tones. Next time you have the chance, examine a colorful plant in detail. It's a work of art.

Smell the roses.
Smell the roses.

Stop and Smell The Roses

Just because it's a cliched saying doesn't mean it doesn't have a hidden truth. Smell a rose next time you have the chance - whether in a garden or a shop. Enjoy the beautiful scent and carry it with you for the day.


Take time out

Take a moment to admire a rock, mountain or cave. Think about the time it took to create. Years of wind, water, little human help and a lot of time. In comparison, a day doesn't seem so long, does it?

Blue butterflies by Lynne Kirton

Grass with dew by Jon Sullivan

Orange flower by blackdood

Pink roses by srqpix

Rock hole by Beverly & Pack


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