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Remember when you all told me that Trent Richardson was worth a first round pick?

Updated on October 21, 2013


Five weeks ago, the Colts made a "blockbuster" trade to send a first round pick to Cleveland for their "star" running back, Trent Richardson.
At the time, everybody and their mother was up in arms.
"How could they trade away their best player?"
"What a great trade for Indianapolis, this transforms them into a contender"
Everyone was on the bandwagon...
Everyone but me.

But I was crazy, right?

People had no qualms with harassing me over it.
And I can kinda see where they were coming from,
Andrew Luck is the future of the NFL. He's the next big thing, and if he were to have a great playmaker at runningback, it could take a lot of pressure off of him and create huge play action opportunities.
But realistically, there are very few runningbacks who are actually capable of changing games with talent alone.
Outside of Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch, and Jamaal Charles, I don't actually know of any.
Certainly not Trent Richardson.
I wouldn't have even taken Richardson out of college frankly.
Alabama runningbacks run behind the best offensive line in college football, and get hundreds of carries before they're even drafted, and none of them have really worked out in the NFL, just look at Heisman winner, Mark Ingram.
I just didn't understand what everybody else saw.

And now?

In the last 5 games, Richardson has rushed 75 times for 228 yards.
That's 3 yards per carry, and 45 yards per game.

Now you tell me, is that all somebody has to do in order to be worth a first round pick?
In the 4 games since Willis McGahee was signed to replace Richardson, he has rushed for 203 yards off of 70 carries.
That's about 3 yards per carry, and 50 yards per game.

And maybe you think there's some psychological advantage that he brings to the table? Like, he takes care of the blitzes while Andrew Luck goes off on the secondary?
Because he doesn't. Realistically, the biggest effect he's on a Colts game is the fumble that he lost in last nights game versus Denver that nearly let Peyton Manning complete his comeback.

I mean hell, Donald Brown, the other Colts runningback, has 40 less yards with half as many carries. I mean, he's averaging 4.5 yards whenever he gets the ball and he contributes to the passing game.

So you tell me who the winner is.
The team with the runningback who average 50 yards per game with two first round picks or the team with the runningback who averages 45 yards per game with none.


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