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Renee Young - The Epitome of Hosting Brilliance

Updated on June 10, 2020
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If you're here to learn about all the different kinds of recipes that would help you become an incredible cook like Renee Young, then I apologize, but you can totally follow her Instagram ( for that!

I'm here to talk about the reasons why Renee is tremendously special to the WWE.

From coming into the company as a backstage interviewer, to hosting pre-shows and post-shows for PPV's, to getting her very own show on the WWE Network called Unfiltered with Renee Young, to hosting the hit show Talking Smack, to becoming the first ever full-time female commentator on Raw, to NOW being the host of WWE Backstage on FS1, Renee has seriously done it ALL.

The level of professionalism that she brings to the table has made her such an essential commodity for the WWE. Whenever they have needed her to do something, she's always there. Dedicated, committed, passionate. Those three words right there define the traits that Renee Young possesses. She loves her job, she loves all of her peers, and she loves the WWE.

I first started to see the outgoing personality of Renee Young when a certain behind-the-scenes show came about that involved the likes of John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole. The JBL and Cole Show (with Renee Young) was one of the most entertaining 5-8 minutes of my life each week. Stepping away from doing her job as a backstage interviewer and becoming an actual on-screen talent, you quickly started to see how awesome of a person Renee truly was.

Her lively and lovable personality completely shined through the screen. Whether it was kicking a bear in his nether regions or helping a human-sized bunny escape from being slaughtered by JBL and Zeb Colter, you couldn't help but to smile and laugh at everything Renee said or did.

From time to time, I still take a look back at some of the episodes of The JBL & Cole Show (with Renee Young) on YouTube as it was some of the funniest and, at times, completely ridiculous content I've ever seen in WWE. The personality of Renee was really shown and I think the show was a big factor in her success moving forward.

The Incredible Times of Talking Smack

Now I'm not going to go into every single job that Renee Young has done in the WWE because, quite frankly, I'd be sitting here forever and my hands would start to really hurt. I WILL, however, discuss a certain special gig that Renee had within the WWE, and that was Talking Smack.

The show was one of the most beloved and enjoyable shows on the WWE Network as Renee and Daniel Bryan were incredibly comical together. The duo recapping SmackDown became such a phenomenon for some fans that one would say they were more hyped for the after-show than the ACTUAL show. That's how much fun fans had watching those two chat together and all the guests that would appear with them.

You could tell during this time just how comfortable Renee was doing the show and how much fun she was having. When you see someone like Renee smiling and having a good time while doing what they love, you have no option but to smile and have fun along with them. She just has that bubbly personality that makes you want to become friends with her, and as a host of a popular show, that's all you really need for it to become successful.

One of my favorite moments on Talking Smack was, obviously, when Daniel Bryan and The Miz got into their massive, heated argument that left every person watching speechless, including Renee. This GIF of her below expresses my face, as I'm sure everyone else's, during this shocking exchange.

Another crazy moment on Talking Smack was when Renee and Daniel had a special visitor during Christmas time, Naughty Santa. Jolly Old Saint Nick, or shall I say Naughty Old Saint Rhyno, came onto the show and immediately wreaked havoc.

From hitting on Becky Lynch while rubbing his chest, to giving out "presents" to Renee and Daniel, to constantly making dirty jokes that freaked Renee out, the segment was totally out of control and, honestly, amazing to watch.

The hilarious expressions plastered across Renee's face told the whole story of what she was feeling in those particular moments on the show. And in those moments, the fans watching were feeling those same emotions WITH her.

However, from all the uncomfortable moments that she had, if you'd ask her if she would ever do Talking Smack again, including having Naughty Santa back, she would probably do so in a heartbeat. The show is severely missed by fans everywhere, and is a topic of discussion amongst those on social media as many of them hope it returns someday. *crossing fingers*

Renee Makes History on Raw

Since Raw was created, the commentary desk consumed of predominately male announcers each and every week. There never was a full-time female commentator that announced an entire Raw before. Well, that all changed when Renee Young got the call to permanently sit next to Michael Cole and Corey Graves each week in September of 2018.

As soon as the news hit on social media, the outpouring of happiness and joy from all her peers within WWE was astronomical. When I first heard the news, I was extremely happy for her as well, but didn't fully understand the magnitude of the situation and how remarkable it truly was. The mere fact that she was breaking ground for women commentators is something to really be proud of. More women now have the opportunity to follow that path and make it a career choice for them as they realized that it was actually possible.

Although if you would ask Renee right now if she'd want to go back to the desk, she would hesitate with her answer, but no matter what, she should be incredibly proud of herself for becoming an inspiration to women wanting to get into announcing sports entertainment.

In fact, the very first article I wrote on Hubpages was all about this awesome moment in Renee Young's career. It can be found here:

Renee Starts Making That FOX MONEY!

Being so amazing at every single job she's gotten within the WWE, when FOX decided to have a late-night WWE talk show on the FS1 channel, the number one person that they wanted to host the show was, unquestionably, Renee Young.

WWE Backstage has been such a great watch every Tuesday night and getting to hear the candid opinions of Renee, Booker T, Paige, CM Punk, Mark Henry, and others has been a complete breathe of fresh air.

Side note: I thoroughly enjoy watching Renee with Paige (a.k.a the Thelma to her Louise, the Laverne to her Shirley, and the Wayne to her Garth). Their friendship is absolutely infectious and is truly something special.

Although the show cannot be in the studio at the moment, Renee and the crew STILL do such an amazing job giving the fans something intriguing to watch during this quarantine time. I personally get the same feeling from when I used to watch Renee on Talking Smack than I now do watching her on WWE Backstage. You could just tell how much she loves doing the show, loves her co-workers at FOX, and, obviously, loves the men and women superstars who make appearances on the show.

What I hope everyone takes away from this article is how important of an asset Renee Young is to WWE and their fans. The kind of human being that she is, along with how dedicated she is to the company that she loves are both something to truly admire. Her level of professionalism is at role model level for inspired young women who want to pursue a career like hers. She's opened up doors, no, she's KICKED DOWN doors that nobody ever thought would even be cracked open for women in WWE.

I think I speak for every single person within the entire WWE Universe, fans and talent alike, when I say that Renee Young is one of the most special commodities in the entire WWE.

Thank you, Renee, for being one of the most down-to-earth, amazing people I've ever had the chance to interact with. Your quirky personality is tremendously charming and watching you whenever you're on my television screen is an absolute pleasure. Corny to say, yes, but entirely true. Congratulations on all your success within the company that you love, and I selfishly hope you never, ever leave! (Unless it's to become a full-time actress for Hallmark movies--haha)

In closing, I'd like to leave you all with a picture of the one thing that Renee probably loves more than her job with WWE, and no, it's not of Jon!

It's a picture of...

What's your favorite Renee Young moment?

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