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Where To Do River Rafting In India

Updated on March 23, 2011

Now-a-days, large number of Indians are getting involved in adventure sports. River rafting is one of the most popular adventures sports that Indians are getting involved in with full swing and enthusiasm.

One could imagine the challenge of hard turbulent rivers rushing down from the mountainous region making their ways through zigzag valleys while sitting on the raft carrying roars (paddles) in his hands, wearing life jackets and helmets, with full of enthusiasm and courage.

One could imagine the icy water of the river coming from the Himalayas that is the source of some of the India’s mighty rivers.

There are many venues in India where the adventure seekers can have their holiday destination and pursue their adventurous and favorite outdoor sport; i.e., river rafting. Some of them are Rishikesh, Manali, Alaknanda, Madikeri.

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Watch River Rafting

North India is the best choice for the rafters; one could enjoy the rafting sports NORTH INDIA in GANGES, ALAKNANDA RIVER, YAMUNA River, and BHAGIRATHI RIVERS. In SOUTH INDIA, once could go to MERCERA in COORG and MUNNAR in KERALA. One could enjoy it in ARUNACHAL PRADESH too at BRAHMAPUTRA RIVER, ZANSKAR RIVER, SUBANSARI RIVER, KALI SHARDA RIVER, and SPITI PIN RIVER.

Really the sports offers thrill of a lifetime. Some believe they would not be able to perform this task as they do not know swimming. So, there is nothing to worry about this problem, as the life jacket that one wears during the task will help one float in the event if the raft even flips, and very talented and dedicated professionals are with the raft to help the freshers learn and enjoy rafting. Basic equipments for river rafting are available at the river rafting venues, and trained license holder rowers, guide, as well as co-rafters are always there to help out if unfortunately any problems arise, though it is a low probability.

River rafting is performed in an oarframe raft which usually accommodates a maximum of eight persons, apart from one guide and one assistant. All are equipped with the required materials; such as at helmets, roars (paddles), life jackets, rope, dry bags, etc. All is not as easy, so a good coordination is necessary and it should be kept in mind that one should not lose sense when in the river, one should not try to fight the current if adrift. There comes so many rapids in the river where the raft can even flip. At that time, one should remain calm, it seems a bit scary but it is manageable. No body is going to be drowned if he is wearing the life jacket.

Actually the rapids are the source of fun, and should be handled with courage and as per the instructions given by the guide. There are many rocks in the river as well as the water is too deep and the current (flow) is too fast. One could go with the stream after falling out of the raft, though it happens once a while only, as the guide and assisting persons are aware of it, and they manage all the hurdles.

If your are performing this for the first time, it seems a bit scare, but only for a few minutes; once you are cleared with one or two rapids, your confidence builds up, and then you will finally enjoy the real sense of rafting. I AM NOT IN ANYWAY DENYING THAT IT IS RISKY…..BUT IF THERE IS NO RISK IN IT………..HOW COULD IT BE ADVENTURE SPORT.

I myself have performed this activity many a times in Rishikesh from Marine Drive (total of 27+ kilometers in the river), and you will be surprised to know that I do not know swimming at all.


Let me share my experience with you people. I was persuaded by one of my friends for this sports who has been a great swimmer and in spite of having a great fear of water in my mind, he was able to convince me to try it. I went with him in Rishikesh and paid the required amount to the agency that arranges for the sports. At the riverside, in my helmet and lifejackets with oars in hand; as soon as the guide started giving instructions, the fear in my mind started developing and it was manifold than before. After 10 minutes, the fear reached to my mind in such a strong conviction that I decided to quit it. As soon as I heard that the raft could flip in the water, I cannot describe how I felt; but somehow, I showed courage and finally sat in the raft. Just after 10-15 minutes after crossing a small rapid, I regained my confidence and I was feeling calm. Then I enjoyed it a lot with all the rapids. Even the group asked the guide to let the boat go in the rapid where it could flip, and it happened. All were scattered in cold water of Ganges and after sometime all reunited with the help of guide, assistant, and some of experienced fellow co-rafters. Now I especially go for river-rafting in Rishikesh (as I am a Delhite and Rishikesh is just 250 Kms from my place) on weekends at least twice a year whenever I feel time.

So Dear readers……Go and make your footsteps to this so-called adventurous and really a SPORT FOR MEN.

Do share your experiences with me whenever you perform the RIVER RAFTING.


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    • pankaj3625 profile image

      Pankaj Pathak 6 years ago from Delhi

      Thank you so much Mr. Ashok Tripathi for your excellent info. This will help guide young rafters in India.

    • profile image

      Ashok Tripathi 7 years ago

      Hi every one River rafting in Rishikesh or any where in India is one life time exrerience....Although River rafting at Rishikesh is best among India river rafting for ammatures as well as for professinals.

      Jumboodeep Adventures & Tours Pvt Ltd provides all the information and arrangements at Rishikesh fr the river rafting in Rishikesh...

      Being hardly 250 Km from Delhi it takes about 5 and 1/2 hrs by road to reach at River rafting in Rishikesh is any time approchable when ever you feel to move for it.

      Ashok Tripathi +91- 9811945211