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Irish Joe McCreedy the Beast

Updated on May 6, 2014

A night before a fight in Vegas, Irish Joe McCreedy the Beast weighs in at 173 pounds.

Joe is getting ready for the fight of his life.

I was lucky enough to interview Joe a little while back on my blog talk radio show, The Shelly Nun-Chucks Show.

I listened and found out how much true spirited and passionate this boxer really is.

I even looked up his interviews and videos off of you tube.

At times before the big event, that Joe is about to undertake in a very big moment in his life tomorrow nite in Vegas,

he really did have to get back up and rise up like a phoenix.

But this boxer does really have the "Eye of the Tiger".

Joe had to really over come a few downfalls, but like alot of boxers, they are kind of like warriors in their own way.

Some people will not get or understand, why someone will get into a ring and go for some rounds with an opponent

and think it is not a way of life.

Well, some people were born to be boxers and were meant to step into the ring.

Joe is one of those people.

Boxers are not savage people, they are just focused on what they are very passionate about.

What they are passionate about is, "boxing".

Joe himself, like any boxer, will train mostly everyday and will bring it, shall we say, what Joe actually does;

Joe brings it "Beast Mode".

With his family, friends and fans getting ready for the nite of Joe's life, many people are wishing the best for this

boxer, because in many hearts, Joe is already a champion before he steps into the boxing ring.

Now you might ask, what do I mean, that Joe is already a champion before he steps into the boxing ring?

Because Joe went the distance.

Joe didn't give up, and even on his birthday he trained.

Joe, kept going and no matter how hard things got, he kept going and he went the distance.

This is what makes champions, because they defy all odds, and just keep going and going.

Sometimes life can make us, or life can break us, and so far, I think Joe is giving his full potential,

with alot of heart and soul.

I wish the very best for Joe in the ring tomorrow nite.

No matter the outcome, myself, I already think Joe is a champion, and these are the type of

people who are forever imprinted in my heart, the underdogs, that go the distance and

never let anything stop them.

Best wishes


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