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RollBall - A Sport Gone Unnoticed

Updated on April 13, 2013


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RollBall in action..
RollBall in action..
RollBall in action..


Types of skates:

Quads: Consists of a pair of skates with four wheels. Two in the front and two at the back.. Each wheel has two high performance bearings in them..

Inlines: Consists of a pair of skates with the wheels lined up in a straight line. Can be anything from three to even five wheels of various sizes..

There are various types of wheels of various hardness and softness and bearings of various performance that you get depending on the condition of the place your skating ( i.e on the road or in a skating rink )


Rollball is a sport played by skaters with rollerskates...

The type of skates used for playing Rollball are the Quads, as you can have maximum control with them and there are less chances of you getting your ankle twisted or sprained..

Rollball is pretty similar to handball, but has similarities to football and basketball as well..

It is a sport which tests your body's fitness, endurance, strength, alertness, stamina and reflexes..

Rollball is played on a skating rink, with a ball very similar to a basketball, two goals at either end of the rink and with two teams wearing skates and playing against each other..

The game starts off with the referee tossing the ball up in the air between the two center forwards, who try and grab the ball and pass it to their team mates, just like in basketball...

Each game consists of two half's of 20 minutes each. At half time each team gets a break for about 3-5 minutes to strategize, rest an re-hydrate themselves.

When the game first started off, players were allowed to dribble the ball with only both hands together, but now the players are allowed to dribble the ball with one hand at a time like as in basketball..


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A pair of quads skates. Most professional skaters take off the brakes that are in the front.
A pair of quads skates. Most professional skaters take off the brakes that are in the front.
A pair of quads skates. Most professional skaters take off the brakes that are in the front.


Skating as we know can be categorized as various types from rollerskating to ice skating to even skateboarding...

Skating is all about balance, grace, speed and as some people may not know it's also about stamina and endurance...

Teams/ Players:

Rollball consists of two opposing teams playing versus or against each other. Each team consists of six players each..three forwards, two defenders and a goalkeeper..

Forwards:The three forwards are divided into the left forward, right forward and center forward.. As in football, basketball and handball, their main job and goal is to try and score as many goals as possible into the opposing teams goal and try not to let the opposing team take possession of the ball.

Defenders: Each team consists of two defenders.. The job or goal of the defenders, just like in football, basketball or handball is to try and block the opposing team from scoring into the goal.. They make the job of the goalkeeper easier by blocking and preventing the opposing team from scoring into the goal.. Earlier when the sport just started out, the defenders weren't allowed to cross the half line of the court, but now they can do so.. The defenders are supposed to collect the ball from the opposing team when they try to score and pass it on to the forwards of their team who then go on to score in the opposing teams goal...

Goalkeeper: The goalkeeper's task is one of the most important since well, the winner of the game is declared depending on how many goals a team has scored.. The goal keeper stays in the goal and blocks as many goals as possible when the opposing team tries to score..


Would you be interest in trying out this sport?

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Every sport has rules and disciplines that need to be followed.. Similarly so does Rollball have rules.. Some of them are as follows:

  • Every team must consist of six players:
    3 forwards, 2 defenders and one goalkeeper.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the ball to their skates or any other part of their body besides the palm of their hands. Doing so will result in a foul for that team.
  • Players cannot hit each other on purpose or perform any physical attack or harm to an opposing team member, this will lead to a foul or disqualification of the player in context or a disqualification of the team depending on the seriousness of the attack.
  • The court has side lines and a back line behind the goal, crossing these lines with the ball in possession leads to a foul called line-cut.
  • Each goal has a semi-circle around it called a 'D'. Any player who enters this D line with or without the ball automatically qualifies for a foul. If the player enters the D area with the ball in possession, then the opposing team gets to score a penalty goal.
  • Coaches are allowed to call for a time-break during play only once during each session of play. Each time break is of one minute each.
  • Players have to keep dribbling the ball at all times, holding the ball in your hand for more than 3 secs leads to a foul called 'carry'.

The rules keep changing regularly from time to time so please excuse me if I've got anything wrong and let me know, so i can update it..

Feel free to leave any queries that you may have in the comments section below.

© 2013 Paiva


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    • paiva25 profile image

      Paiva 4 years ago from Goa, india

      Nice hear that Nisargmehta. It's really fun, should give it a try some day :)

    • nisargmehta profile image

      NISARG MEHTA 4 years ago from SURAT, Gujarat, India

      Interesting sport. I never heard of it but guess it would be fun to play. I love Skating.

    • paiva25 profile image

      Paiva 4 years ago from Goa, india

      Yea I guess you can compare it to soccer...but here you pass the ball with your hands like in basketball and handball, not kick it with your feet (your wearing rollerskates, remember)..

      And well, the sport can get quite aggressive at times (speaking from experience i.e)

      And Roll Ball is recognized by the Indian Olympic Association, not sure about internationally though..

      All the best in the Rising Star competition to you too.. :)

    • oscar86 profile image

      Oscar 4 years ago from Canada

      Haha I feel that would be kind of funny to watch :P Never heard of the sport but it looks pretty interesting, if I understood it right its kind of like soccer with your hands? Well you compared it to handball but I feel like its more like soccer (or football).

      Anyway we're rivals in the Rising Star competition so good luck ;)