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Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions.

Updated on January 22, 2016

Tag Team Championship.

Winners- The New Day.

Look, I'm aware that the Usos will probably win this. But they absolutely shouldn't. The New Day should be tag team champions forever.
Forever ever? ever ever? EVER EVER?

United States Championship.

Winner- Alberto Del Rio.

You know... I thought WWE did something right.
I thought they were going to give Kalisto a chance.
I guess I'm an idiot.
It can't be a very long match because Alberto Del Rio is set to be in the main event...

Intercontinental Championship.

Winner- Dean Ambrose.

The WWE have terribly dropped the ball with Kevin Owens.
Everyone complains about how the WWE is incapable of building new superstars, but when they had a main eventer, they totally botched it.
He beat John Cena clean in his first match on the main roster.
He. Beat. Cena. Clean.
Since then?
Well... he couldn't win the U.S. title, he couldn't qualify for the WWE World Heavyweight Title matches, and then he lost the IC title.
Keep the belt on Ambrose because as thin as the main event looks, you don't want fans to start begging for Ambrose.

Diva's Championship.

Winner- Charlotte.
For no. good. reason.


The Royal Rumble WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Okay. Here's who we know will be in it so far.
1. Roman Reigns.
2. Brock Lesnar.
3. Bray Wyatt.
4. Braun Strowman.
5. Erick Rowan.
6. Luke Harper.
7. Sheamus.
8. King Barrett.
9. Rusev.
10. Dolph Ziggler.
11. Alberto Del Rio.
12. The Big Show.
13. Curtis Axel.
14. Stardust.
15. Mark Henry.

...Not very inspiring, is it?
Now let me list some guys who haven't declared yet that may show up in the title match.

16. Kofi Kingston.
It's worth noting that The New Day will defend their titles against the Uso's earlier on in the night, but there's a good chance Xavier and Big E defend them so that Kofi can get his annual Rumble spot, kinda like they did in the MITB PPV.
17.Triple H.
Okay, I'm not thrilled about this one... But it's something to be considered. He hasn't been seen since TLC, and if he were to join the Royal Rumble, it would make for a decent pop and he might even win it.
18. Bo Dallas.
19. Heath Slater.
20. Adam Rose.
There's a good chance this whole "stable" enters the Rumble... I'm not excited about it either, but it might make for a good laugh.
21. Golddust.
22. Neville.
Are you really going to tell me that this dude isn't in the match? Are you?

Leaving eight spots...
And since it could be anyway, I'm going to take a few wildly wonderful guesses (with explanations)

23. Sami Zayn.
Ah??? Wouldn't that be awesome?! There's really nothing left for him in NXT... The least you could do is give him a spot.
24. Finn Balor.
Finn's debut is imminent. With all the Bullet Club talk, the NXT champion may be finding himself on TV before too long. Speaking of Bullet Club...
25. AJ Styles.
This is the most likely of the surprises. He all but admitted it himself, how awesome would it be to see the phenomenal one in the WWE?
26. Samoa Joe.
C'mon... What else are you doing with him?
27. Randy Orton.
As it turns out, the rumors about Orton's fate were wildly premature... It's been about five months since he went out... Stranger things have happened.
28. Johnny Nitro/Morrison.
It only takes a small contract to do the rumble. He's not going to win it, and a moment between he and Kofi would be hilariously awesome.
29. Daniel Bryan.
30. Seth Rollins.
Probably a bit of a stretch, as Rollins hasn't been gone long enough to get better...
But how awesome would it be? In a moment of incredible strength, Roman eliminates Brock Lesnar and is alone, albeit hurt in the ring. He's panting, he's beat up, and he can't believe it...
And then Rollins' music hits.

Hey, I can dream.

In all reality, we'll probably get Titus O'Neil, The Ascension, and Eva Marie somehow as the WWE screw everything up, and inconceivably keep the title on Roman Reigns

Here are some other names that have been rumored but are unlikely.
The Rock.
Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Byron Saxton.
Rey Mysterio.
Rob Van Dam.
Jeff & Matt Hardy.
Austin Aries.

It's either Brock, Triple H, or Roman.
And I really, really hate that.
Especially since the title is leaving Wrestlemania with freaking Roman anyway.
It's stupid and this is why ratings are so terrible.

Since writing this, R-Truth and Titus O'Neil have also declared for the rumble... Let's just pray they take spots from the social outcasts and don't ruin my Rollins/Styles/Bryan fantasy.


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