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Buy Your Winter Running Shoes Now - Runner’s Winter Fun: Running In Winter!

Updated on November 5, 2015

Running In Winter: It's Not All Fun And Games

Photo credit: Hamed Saber (Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.)
Photo credit: Hamed Saber (Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution 2.0.)

Lighting For Your Winter Running

Winter, that time of year that all runners look forward to eagerly!  (Note the wry tone there?)  It’s a time of year that presents interesting choices, none of which are entirely pleasing or problem-free.  Do you continue to run on the road into the heart of winter, as the light fails and you become less sure-footed and slower?  Do you take to the local well-lighted track, and perish with boredom as you run around… and round… and round… and round…  (There are some things an Ipod cannot do.  Alleviating the tedium of running on a track is one of them.)

Of course there are things you can do to minimize the irritation you feel at the training options winter presents.  If you’re going to persist in running on the road, you can at least do your utmost to minimize the problem of inadequate lighting.  The right head torch can provide a fantastic degree of illumination.  (Some models are unbelievable with regard to power and range.) 

Safety: A Runner's First Consideration

Don’t forget that it’s not just about what you can see: your first priority at all times should be to be seen. For the on-road runner, safety is the number one priority: never forget it. You can do a lot to help ensure you are seen: reflective flashes on your running top, trousers or shoes, for example, a hi-vis reflective jacket or bib, and those aforementioned head torches won’t hurt either. Think about some running lights: how about a flash rear light? They’re not going to miss you with that baby…

Light isn’t the only problem related to running in winter, dependent on your geographic area. Certainly here in the UK, winter can be extremely blooming cold even nipping back and forth from car door to front door and back. Never mind going for an eight mile run in the miserable dark wet November weather… But we love it, eh?

Runners: Protect Against The Winter Cold

You need to fight back against the cold. If running in winter is a miserable experience then you’re not going to persist with it. Your best tactic is layering: get your layers on! Get a good base layer going, something in a fabric that can wick away sweat from the skin and prevent chill and chapping. Your mid-layer needs to be warm enough to protect: some running vests and tops claim to provide wind protection, so that’s possibly worth investigating. It’s got to be able to wick that sweat too!

Are you going to be warm and dry with that level of protection? Think of adding a jacket too if it’s windy and wet. No, running gear doesn’t come cheap. Nor does obesity, junk food or medical bills. Some quality running tights should be appearing on your shopping list, plus properly insulated hat and gloves when it really starts to bite.

Runners: Value Your Health & Fitness

You shouldn’t need any special winter running shoes provision, even with road running, in winter. If your shoes are good enough to run in summer, they’re good enough for winter. If they’re not good running shoes then why are you running in them? Aren’t your feet worth better than that? Your legs, tendons, muscles, bones? Put a value on yourself and your fitness and health.

If you’re running off-road and conditions are sufficiently bad that you’re thinking that your pricey, pretty damn class winter running shoes can’t actually hack it, then you shouldn’t be running at all today. Is it snowing? Can you see ice glinting as you bounce from foot to foot? Well turn the heck back and get yourself in front of a fire at home! Jeez, there is a limit, even for runners!


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    • profile image

      Running in Cold Weather 6 years ago

      Good article. I would agree that safety has to come first, and the some of the most treacherous running days are actually not when the mercury is lowest, but rather when the footing is poor. I've found that the 28 - 35 degree range, if there is precip, is actually the worst running conditions of all. 10 degrees and sun is much better.