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Running Safer at Night

Updated on May 27, 2015

Safe Running at Night

When winter solstice comes around, runners may get discouraged when they have to turn those clocks back. Losing hours of daylight sometimes means altering your running schedule. What if you had another option? What if you could keep your daily routine of your 9-5 job and still come home for your afternoon/evening run? The lack of sunlight/daylight might deter you from running due to safety issues, or simply just because you cannot see. Electroluminescent technology could be your solution!

New technology has made it possible to light up your nights! You can now find EL wire headphones to ensure your safety and help with your vision when you run at night. The new headphones can feature the wire in 4 great colors, whichever you may choose, to help you see throughout your run. Also, it will make you more visible to people in the distance, or oncoming runners. As an extra cool factor, have the wire light up to the beat of your music. The battery pack in the headphones can be also be powered with a USB cable and the plug is even compatible with most phones, iPods or computers.

Another way EL wire can assist you in safer nighttime running is in your shoelaces. EL Wire shoelaces also come in 4 vibrant colors and can provide you with extra light down at your feet. This can be very beneficial while jogging at night, especially when many runners look down at their feet when they jog. Imagine how much brighter your path could be! Your shoelaces will also alert others on your path, or in the distance that you are near. This is a huge safety feature.

One more way that EL wire can be helpful while running at night is by placing it on your iPod. In conjunction with the EL wire headphones, you can also have your iPod light up, as well, providing you with yet another source of light in the dark night.

Running in the dark can be unsafe and intimidating. Alleviate your stress with EL wire and light up your night while getting a good work out!


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    • profile image

      CBeezy 7 years ago from San Diego

      Thanks for the info! I was looking something exactly like this for my night runs.