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Running for the Lazy

Updated on June 16, 2015

Running for the Lazy is an easy title, and it could be re-written as "Running for the people like me". So I decided to share my experience on how to fight laziness to do jogging. However sometimes laziness has to win.

Jogging is a easy way of doing sports. You just need a place to run, wear some clothes and sneakers and an important one, will. Without this last one you will always find an excuse to stop jogging and end up not doing any sports.

I will concentrate on jogging since it is one of the easiest ways to get in shape and it does not require much money.

When you feel like jogging is too slow for you, you can start the training harder and you can start to run. When you start running, you will notice you will do smaller distances, which is completely normal, since when you run you will spend much more energy than jogging.

Why should I do it?

Jogging has many advantages for your health. You can find the benefits on the following Hubs.


Knowing the benefits of jogging can give you a reason to get up and start thinking on doing it. However laziness can easily be stronger than the will to run, and you end relaxing and feeling good, just doing nothing.

Laziness is very common and can be a good thing. It may help you to rest your body, helps you getting strenghts for a future task and it is easy way to avoid problems.

Many animals experience similar feelings as laziness, just take a look at Felidae , like cats, lions and tigers. They will prefer to rest instead of hunting if they are not hungry, even if the prey is an easy targe.

Use an app to motivate yourself

San Francisco Marathon App
San Francisco Marathon App

Fighting Laziness

There are several ways of fighting laziness, it depends on each one and the reasons for wanting to rest.

  • Set goals to yourself

If you set your own goals you will find them more realistic and you will do it for yourself. To prove you are capable of running. (e.g. running 5 km each weekend.)

  • Choose a place where others are jogging

If you see others, they can motivate you, you can start by jogging at their pace, if you find it confortable. That way you will feel less motivated to give up and go home.

  • Find someone to run with or to share the experience

If you know anyone who also wants to do jogging and lives near, you can both go jogging to encourage each other. If you feel better running alone, you should share experience with other people, that way you will want to do it and have something to talk about.

My Experience

My experience in jogging is not much and it isn't one of my favourite activities. However since it is easy and it helps me on health and control body weight.

I also had a great motivator, my parents, they started to train harder after my uncle finished a marathon. Since then they also started to do jogging and they can do now half-marathons, before that they did'nt run much.

So as a son of two new-runners, they started to incentivate me to run more, and every week we go running together, even living 20km away.

I still can't do jogging for more than 5 km straight, but some of the benefits I feel they are for real.

Jogging vs Running
Jogging vs Running

Jogging vs Running

Jogging is better for your hearth, since it is at a normal pace and you do not have to put so much effort, you can manage better the heart beats.

Running requires a preparation of at least a month, if you just start to run, you can experience more pain and less results.

The Ultimate Challenge

After you start jogging and you have achieved your goals, why not running the Marathon?

A beautiful marathon, the Geneva Marathon


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