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Ryan's 2015 Fantasy Draft Team.

Updated on July 23, 2015

So. Why did I do this?

I think I'm going to post weekly picks of my Fantasy games.
Making predictions about individual performances and how I match up against the opposition should be interesting in hindsight...
Or to talk trash to my fantasy opponents.
It makes a nice side for my weekly picks lol.

Pick #1- Le'Veon Bell.

I know this was a risky pick, as Le'Veon will be suspended for the first three games of the season, but it's a chance I needed to take.
For my money, Bell is the best runningback in the league, and with Jamaal Charles and Adrian Peterson off the board, my choices were limited.
I'll be happy I took this gamble come playoff time.

Pick #2- Dez Bryant.

A couple of weeks ago, I would've hesitated to take Mr. Bryant, but since Dallas finally coughed up the dough... I know he won't hold out.
I know I'm contradicting the "Fantasy Football for Dummies" Rule, "be careful drafting players who just re-signed", but Dez is one of the very best wide receivers in the NFL, and if he and Romo stay healthy, they should have a great year together.

Pick #3- Tom Brady.

I know I probably dropped the ball on this one, but QBs were flying off the market and I had to act fast.
...Tom's reliable... Right?

*Puts Tom Brady on trade block*

Pick #4- Frank Gore.

The sad truth is... Sorry.
The inconvenient truth is that there are very few suitable starting runningbacks in the modern NFL.
I figure that Gore, now in pass-happy Indianapolis, will benefit from fewer carries against softer defenses!
Plus he was the BPA.

Pick #5- Travis Kelce

Kansas City Wide Receivers didn't catch a single touchdown pass last year.
Ya know who did?
Their tight end, Travis Kelce.
He hauled in 5 last year!
With the addition of Jeremy Maclin, and the health of Jamaal Charles, I think that production will only improve in 2015.

Pick #6- DeSean Jackson.

DeSean Jackson is a home run hitter.
He returns kickoffs and punts, as well as being the most reliable weapon on a very... iffy offense. Not a huge superstar pick, and I'm looking to trade him for someone more consistent in the 20s.

Pick #7- St. Louis Rams DST.

Yes, round seven is a little early to go defense, but I figured someone had to be the first to plunge so...
Drip drip.

With the addition of Nick Foles, the Rams should be a drastically better team in 2015.
Giving easily the best defensive line in football a chance to play with the lead?
Sack city, expletive.

Pick #8- Ryan Tannehill.

I think Tannehill is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL, and I needed someone to potentially fill the shoes of Tom Brady during his bye week and potential suspension.

Pick #9- Latavius Murray.

The Raiders made beefing up the offensive line a priority this off-season and grabbed perhaps the best center in the league. Murray has bulked up, and looks to be the center of the offense. For a change of pace back that looks to fill in the R/W/T spot on the lineup until a bye or a Gore injury, I think Murray was a steal.

Pick #10- Sebastian Janikowski.

I... Uh...

Projected Starters.

QB- Tom Brady.
RB- Le'Veon Bell.
RB- Frank Gore.
WR- Dez Bryant.
WR- DeSean Jackson.
TE- Travis Kelce.
K- Sebastian Janikowski.
DST- St. Louis Rams.
R/W/T- Latavius Murray.

Did I draft well?

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    • Ryan Daniel Smith profile image

      Ryan Smith 2 years ago

      Thanks Kevin! Seriously underrated QB, could be on the verge of a breakout season.

    • profile image

      Kevin Goodwin 2 years ago

      I think Tannelhill is a good pick in that round. Good value.