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SEC East 2011 Schedules

Updated on December 19, 2011

2011 SEC East Schedule Breakdown

Last year was a down year for the SEC East as did any team finished ranked at the end of the season as Florida, Georgia and Tennessee finished with a combined record of 20-19 and South Carolina taking home its first SEC East title but got blown out by Auburn in the SEC Title Game and they also lost to Florida State in the Chick Fil A Bowl as well. This season the SEC East looks to rebound from a down year with high expectations from South Carolina and Georgia and Tennessee also with Florida looking to rebound from a disappointing year. The power has shifted to the SEC West which have won the SEC three times out of the last four years. Now coming into the 2011 season the I have taken a look at each SEC East team's schedule and although every game in a team's season counts and can effect your seaon success or failure there are about four or five games that can shape your season. I chosen four games for each SEC East team schedule according who they play and when and where. I called them impact, swing, statement and trap games. A statement game is what South Carolina made last season when they beat Alabama in Columbia. A impact game is for example like South Carolina's win over Florida last season that game put the Gamecocks in the SEC title game against Auburn and there first SEC East crown. The Gamecocks also defeated Georgia last season in week 2 it had a impact on there season but on the other hand a lost can have a impact as well. For instance on last season Arkansas over Georgia game where the Bulldogs lost in the final seconds. Georgia lost there next two games to Colorado and Miss. State with both games being on the road. But the Bulldogs did swing there season back around when they defeated Tennessee last season after dropping four games in a row. Florida after getting beat by Alabama by 25 points in Tuscaloosa went on then to lose there next three home games to LSU, Miss. State and South Carolina.


9/3/11 East Carolina (Charlotte)

9/10/11 at Georgia (Statement Game) - this game can be critical even though it is in week 2 the Gamecocks can get a leg up in the SEC East with a win.

9/17/11 Navy

9/24/11 Vanderbilt

10/1/11 Auburn

10/8/11 Kentucky

10/15/11 at Miss. State

10/29/11 at Tennessee (Trap Game) - this game will be critical as well cause Vols will have already face Florida and Georgia with a win here could be huge on winning the SEC East

11/5/11 at Arkansas (Swing Game) - the Gamecocks got whipped by Arkansas last year in a huge game it could have clinched the SEC East for South Carolina at the it could possibly do the same as the Gamecocks will have to go on the road.

11/12/11 Florida (Impact Game) - like last season if Florida has a good year where the are in SEC East contention by then this could possibly be for the SEC East title even though the Gamecocks will still have to face arch rival Clemson in two weeks after at home as well.

11/19/11 The Citadel

11/26/11 Clemson


9/3/11 Florida Atlantic

9/10/11 UAB

9/17/11 Tennessee (Swing Game) - this game can swing the Gators season into a positive manner because last season the Gators lost three games at the The Swamp and Tennessee played Florida tough the last time in Gainesville in '09 losing by 10.

9/24/11 at Kentucky

10/1/11 Alabama (Statement Game) - in 2005 Florida got beat in Tuscaloosa 31-3 but the following year the gators return the favor in the Gainesville beating Bama, now Will Muschamp will face Alabama in his first season like Urban Meyer did in 2005. Florida will need to make a statement this game as they have lost to Bama two in a row five out the last seven times they have met

10/8/11 at LSU

10/15/11 at Auburn (Trap Game) - if the Gators survive in Gainesville two weeks prior and a trip to Batou Rouge the week before. now the Gators will face Auburn where the last time Florida won in Auburn in 1999 dropping the last two in 2006 and 2001.

10/29/11 Georgia (Jacksonville) - (Impact Game) - this game can be critcal cause the Gators will already played four conference games and depending on outcome of those game may prove vital in Florida's season even though the Gators will still have to travel to Columbia and a home game against Florida State

11/5/11 Vanderbilt

11/12/11 at South Carolina

11/19/11 Furman

11/26/11 Florida State


9/3/11 Boise State

9/10/11 South Carolina (Impact Game) - even though Georgia will face Boise State in big time non conference matchup in the season opener this game is more important because it is a SEC East matchup

9/17/11 Coastal Carolina

9/24/11 at Ole Miss

10/1/11 Miss. State

10/8/11 at Tennessee (Swing Game) - the last two times Georgia have went to Knoxville they have came out a loser ('09 & '07)

10/15/11 at Vanderbilt

10/29/11 Florida (Jacksonville) (Statement Game) - this may be a statement game for Georgia depending on if Florida will be ranked and in SEC East contention.

11/5/11 New Mexico State

11/12/11 Auburn

11/19/11 Kentucky

11/26/11 at Georgia Tech (Trap Game) - Georgia could possibly by then on there way to the SEC Title the following week but the first will have to deal with there arch rivals in Atlanta where they have won five straight at


9/3/11 Montana

9/10/11 Cincinnati

9/17/11 at Florida (Impact Game) - this game will be big for both teams as they are looked upon as behind Georgia and South Carolina this season. so this could have a impact on Tennessee's with two games already under there belt

10/1/11 Buffalo

108/11 Georgia (Swing Game) - if the can get past Florida in Gainesville this game here can be big as this game could put the Vols in SEC contention as they will have already played Florida two weeks ago

10/15/11 LSU

10/22/11 at Alabama (Statement Game) - the Vols last time gave Alabama all it could handle the last time they met in Tuscaloosa in 2009 as Bama blocked a field goat to win the game 12-10.

11/5/11 Middle Tennessee

11/12/11 at Arkansas (Trap Game)

11/19/11 Vanderbilt

11/26/11 at Kentucky


9/1/11 Western Kentucky (Nashville)

9/10/11 Central Michigan

9/17/11 Louisville

9/24/11 Florida (Statement Game) - this will be the fourth straight home game for the wildcats having face there in state rival Louisville the week before. Kentucky hasn't beaten Florida since 1986

10/1/11 at LSU

10/8/11 at South Carolina (Impact Game)

10/22/11 Jacksonville State

10/29/11 Miss. State

11/5/11 Ole Miss (Swing Game)

11/12/11 at Vanderbilt (Trap Game)

11/19/11 at Georgia

11/26/11 Tennessee


9/3/11 Elon

9/10/11 Connecticut

9/17/11 Ole Miss

9/24/11 at South Carolina (Swing Game)

10/8/11 at Alabama

10/15/11 Georgia (Impact Game)

10/22/11 Army

10/29/11 Arkansas (Statement Game)

11/5/11 at Florida

11/12/11 Kentucky

11/19/11 at Tennessee

11/26/11 at Wake Forest (Trap Game)


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