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SEC West 2011 Schedules

Updated on September 13, 2011

SEC West Schedule

The SEC West has taken the title 3 out of the last four years. In 2007 LSU won the SEC along with a national championship, in 2009 Alabama took home a SEC title along with a national title too and last season Auburn won the SEC and a national title as well. Last season the SEC West finished with five teams ranked in the top 25 (#1 Auburn, #8 LSU, #10 Alabama, #12 Arkansas and #15 Mississippi State). Now with it 89 days left until the beginning of the college football season the SEC West is loaded again with Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Miss. State and Auburn.

I taken a look at each SEC West team schedule for the upcoming college football season. And though every game counts in a season when your season is over with there are four to five games that got you where you wanted to go or games that started a downhill spiral. For instance in last season game between Auburn and Arkansas which the tigers prevailed at home with a big fourth quarter to pull away 65-43. This game had aimpacton Auburn's season at the time besides a win over a then ranked #12 South Carolina this was there second team that was ranked they had played besides a trip to Starkville in week 2 on a Thursday and a overtime win over Clemson at home in week 3. That following week Auburn faced a then ranked #6 LSU team at home and came out with a victory 24-17 whichs swinged Auburn's season into being a national title contender. After a victory over LSU the tigers had to travel to Oxford to face a Ole Miss team that was deseparte for a win having lost the last two weeks on the road against Alabama and Arkansas. This was a trap game for the Tigers and they got out with a 20 point win unlike Alabama that season when they had to travel to Columbia and the Gamecocks beat them, at that time Alabama was ranked #1. And last Auburn made a statement last year when they came back on there arch rival Alabama from 24 down to pull out a 28-27 victory on there way to winning the SEC title and national title. So hear is each SEC West team 2011 schedule, I chose four games in each team's schedule according how there schedule falls. I have name each game a impact game, trap game, swing game and statement game.

SEC West Schedule Breakdown


9/3/11 Kent State

9/10/11 at Penn State

9/17/11 North Texas

9/24/11 Arkansas - (Impact Game) - Bama should be 3-0 already have travel to Happy Valley to face Penn State. This will be Bama first true test of the season as Arkansas should be ranked in the top 20 as well.

10/1/11 at Florida

10/8/11 Vanderbilt

10/15/11 at Ole Miss

10/22/11 Tennessee

11/5/11 LSU - (Statement Game) - Bama can make a statement this game especially if they are undefeated already having played five conference games. This game could be for the SEC West title.

11/12/11 at Miss State - (Swing Game) - according on what happens with a home game against LSU this game can swing Alabama season into national title contention or clinched the SEC West still they need this game because Miss State will be looking for the upset in Starkville.

11/19/11 Georgia Southern

11/26/11 at Auburn - (Trap Game) - when ever the Iron Bowl is played in Auburn and Alabama is highly ranked it will always be a trap game for Alabama.

2) LSU

9/3/11 Oregon (Cowboy Stadium) - (Swing Game) - this game can swing LSU into national title contention early or it can go in the other direction if the tigers lose to Oregon how will start off in the preseason top 10 as well.

9/10/11 Northwestern State

9/15/11 at Miss State

9/24/11 at West Virginia

10/1/11 Kentucky

10/8/11 Florida

10/15/11 at Tennessee - (Trap Game) - LSU was very fortunate to win this game last season in Baton Rouge now they will have to travel to Knoxville they will be coming off a home game against Florida the week before and already have travel to Miss. State and a non conference game in Morgantown against West Virginia.

10/22/11 Auburn

11/5/11 at Alabama - (Statement Game) - last season LSU made a statement by beating Alabama in Baton Rouge now they will have to travel to Tuscaloosa in may be for the SEC West.

11/12/11 Western Kentucky

11/19/11 at Ole Miss

11/25/11 Arkansas - (Impact Game) - depending on if the Tigers get past Ole Miss in Oxford the week before and a trip to Tuscaloosa two weeks ago this can have a positive imapct with a win or a negative one with a loss.


9/3/11 Missouri State

9/10/11 New Mexico

9/17/11 Troy

9/24/11 at Alabama - (Statement Game) - last year Arkansas missed it chances now they will have to make a statement in Tuscaloosa where last time they travel there they were soundly beaten by 28 in 2009.

10/1/11 Texas A&M (Cowboy Stadium) - (Swing Game) - last season this game helped Arkansas go to the Sugar Bowl as Texas A&M finished strong down the stretch of the regular season finishing in a three way tie in the former Big 12 South. This could swing Arkansas season depending if they lose in Tuscaloosa.

10/8/11/ Auburn

10/22/11 at Ole Miss

1029/11 at Vanderbilt

11/5/11 South Carolina

11/12/11 Tennessee

11/19/11 Miss State - (Trap Game) - the Razorbacks will have already hosted South Carolina two weeks ago and Tennessee a week ago and even though this is a home game the Razorbacks if not careful better not get caught looking ahead to next week matchup against LSU in Baton Rouge.

11/25/11 at LSU - (Impact Game) - last year this game had a impact on Arkansas season cause it got them to a bcs bowl with a win as they finished the second best team in the SEC.


9/1/11 at Memphis

9/10/11 at Auburn

9/15/11 LSU - (Swing Game) - depending on if the Bulldogs can get by Auburn on the road the week before this game could swing the season for Miss. State. they will be at home with the game on a Thursday night.

9/24/11 Louisiana Tech

10/1/11 at Georgia (Trap Game) - this game can be a trap game for Miss. State especially depending on the outcome of the games at Auburn and a home game against LSU two weeks prior.

10/8/11 UAB

10/15/11 South Carolina

10/29/11 at Kentucky

11/5/11 UT Martin

11/12/11 Alabama ( Statement Game) - if the Bulldogs want to make a statement they will get there chance as Alabama may be undefeated by then and they get them at home in Starkville

11/19/11 at Arkansas

11/26/11 Ole Miss (Impact Game) - this game can have a impact on Miss. State season having already face Alabama at home and Arkansas in Little Rock the week before. this game can be critical on Miss. State's season in the SEC West and bowl placement as well.


9/3/11 Utah State

9/10/11 Miss State (Swing Game) - this game will be big for the young inexperienced tigers as they will face a hungry Miss. State team looking to be better in the SEC West this season

9/17/11 at Clemson

9/24/11 Florida Atlantic

10/1/11 at South Carolina

10/8/11 at Arkansas

10/15/11 Florida (Trap Game) - this game can be a trap game for Auburn even though they are at home, they will be coming off two very tough road games in a row against South Carolina and Arkansas.

10/22/11 at LSU (Impact Game) - this will be Auburn third road game in four weeks having face Arkansas and South Carolina on the road with a home game against Florida a week prior.

10/29/11 Ole Miss

11/12/11 at Georgia

11/19/11 Samford

11/26/11 Alabama (Statement Game) - if the Tigers ever want to make a statement they will get there shot to as Alabama could possibly be highly ranked and primed for SEC West title and bcs title. in 2009 Bama escaped with a 26-21 victory on there way to the 2009 SEC Title and national title.


9/3/11 BYU

9/10/11 Southern Ilinois

9/17/11 at Vanderbilt

9/24/11 Georgia

10/1/11 at Fresno State

1015/11 Alabama (Statement Game) - if the Rebels can get past Georgia at home three weeks prior they can make a statement here when Alabama comes to Oxford. they will also have faced BYU in week 1 and also will have a week to prepare for Alabama.

10/22/11 Arkansas (Impact Game) - if Ole Miss can't upset Alabama the week before they will get another shot as the Razorbacks come to Oxford.

10/29/11 at Auburn

11/5/11 at Kentucky (Trap Game)

11/12/11 Louisiana Tech

11/19/11 LSU

11/26/11 at Miss. State (Swing Game)


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