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SFC Exclusive Interview: Superwoman

Updated on February 12, 2020

Let's take a break from interviewing fighters, and talk to someone from the front office instead this time! The SFC has been incredibly popular and a growing community since its inception.

I couldn't wait to get into this interview, as I can finally ask some behind the scenes questions on the record.

My guest today is the creator of the Simulation Fighting Championship league, Superwoman!

Q1: What were your goals when you started the SFC?

"I have been talking to several people who expressed they wanted some kind of fight league. My plan was to make that happen.. Did I know it would blow up so fast? Nope! The Doctor aka Gallows helped me to make SFC a reality. My ultimate goal is to build a Xtreme Sports Network, where we offer many different simulation sports. I want to partner up with other sport sim leagues and build something great! Right now it involves XFSL and SFC, but one day we are going to go big and have every sport! Not sure what the next sport will be I've heard Hockey or Soccer... But I don't think I'll be in charge of those haha. SFC is taking my time right now! But my goal for SFC is to also make this simple, fun and chill!

Q2: This league has really taken off as of late. What do you attribute that too? Why do you think so many people want to join?

"It has taken off! People just love this kind of stuff.. I mean who doesn't like to create their own person, watch them play and see who builds the better fighter? It's something different than just playing a video game. We build friendships here, we talk trash, but most importantly we have fun! I enjoy meeting new people and learning about people. I attribute it to word of mouth. People jumping in twitch and saying this looks cool as $hit! They go and tell their friends then they come in. A lot of us are in different SIM leagues and I think it's just a whole network of people out there that are looking for something like this. I imagine we are going to have all the classes filled up soon! Just a matter of time! But I'm thankful for all the help and support.. Keep bringing them in we will find a way to make it work!"

Q3: You also play a role in the XFSL (Xtreme Football Simulation League). What are some similarities and differences between the two leagues?

"Well besides them being two different sports, they are both similar in more ways than not.. In both you create a player and watch them through twitch. One thing that maybe SFC will have soon is the live commentator part. In XFSL we have many talented commentators including yourself, that will commentate over the football game. Players get to hear their names called out on the field. We are looking into adding that aspect into SFC. We want to get the basics down pat first before we expand to that role. But still the same things, with building your player to hopefully be the best whether that's on the field or in the octagon."

Q4: What more do you want to see out of the fighters in this league? What else could people here be doing to help out those behind the scenes and the league itself?

"I want to see some more hard hitting knockouts! Just something about someone getting stuffed in their face and falling flat to the mat haha! But it's nothing else we can see out of the fighters, we see it all! Subs, KO's, DEC, this is what UFC is about.. I don't know much about UFC but this has got me hyped to start watching it in real life!
People could just do their upgrades correctly! I think adding the teams and appointing a leader to help their fighters with filling out the upgrade form will really help a lot. I want to thank Lincoln for stepping up and making the website he has so many plans with it that I think it is going to be great! Also thank you to Doc, Dax, And Media crew for all their hard work in this league... Thank you to all the fighters who make this possible! I appreciate each and everyone of you even if you tag me 20 times a day and don't read anything I put. I love this stuff! But yeah...... Dang who is that at my door!? Knocking like the police!?
Who is it?"

"Oh, hey there Mr. Ty White. I'm sorry, I was only scheduled for an interview with Superwoman"


Q5: Okay... Ty. Well, you have been objectively not performing up to expectations at 0-2. Any particular reason for this in your opinion?

"Man get out of here with that 0-2 record BS! Both of those loses were BS! The first one was a decision and the judges picked William Thompson... Bruh! Ain't no way! I'm ready to fight him any day and he won't win this time! Then the next fight I'm beating this dude ass the whole time what's his name oh yeah my buddy Q! Some how this fool gets me in a choke hold and makes me tapout... He better be lucky he on Quest team, he knew he couldn't beat me no other way that's why he SUB me... But it's all good that's my guy! Shoutout #TEAMQUEST
This next fighter better watch out! Cash somebody..."

Q6: While you haven't been KO'd in either of your fights so far, your SFC 2 opponent Cai Cash scored an impressive KO win over Ivan Fisher. Are you at all worried about Cai -

"Not at all! He got a KO over a newbie! He should be worried about me... I've been training real hard and it's time for my first win and it will be a KO in the 2nd round! Watch what I tell ya...
I'm not even worried about that fool Cash, and I'm really not worried about the green hair asian that I'm calling out next! "Akira" where he even get that name from... I heard he 0-2 too but he's been KO both times I'm sure our case will not be anything different..."

Sounds like Ty wants to take out Akira before moving on to better things. If it happens, who wins this fight?

See results

Q7: Alright... Um, any final words for the SFC?

"Yeah I might be ranked low, but best believe I'm coming for that SFC Middleweight Belt! Akira move out my way, Thompson we having a rematch I belong in your spot not you, and Hall prepare to give up that belt! This is going be a turn of events keep an eye on that newspaper you are going see me on the front cover soon!"

... Thank you for your time Superwoman... and Mr. White. Good luck to the both of you...

"Thank you Josh for the interview!"

"Thanks... Prepare for another barged in interview soon!"

This is the Simulation Fighting Championship, based off of the UFC 3 video game. In this league, you create a fighter, make their own Twitter account (optional, but recommended) and upgrade their ratings as you progress before your very eyes! If this sounds like something that interests you, feel free to check out our discord (ZERO money required) and our official Twitter page.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you join us in the octagon very soon!


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