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SKIN E. CHIK Goes Fishing All Summer And Takes His Eggsters Too; August 1, 2008

Updated on May 28, 2013

Skin E. Loves Her Music

She always marks time by the music that she listened to during the period. It is a strange thing how the music has a way of carrying you to another place. Skin E. really tuned in to this. Music was life in so many ways. As a tiny Chik she had considered going in to the music industry as a way of life but, the visual arts won her over simply for the ability to work alone a good part of the time. Skin E. especially loves her solitude. She feels it stems from a roost full of eggsters when she was growing up.

The solitude offers time to do artwork, read, write, and play her guitar. Skin E. loves to sing and play but she really hates to dance. Dancing always reminds her of the Big Chick episode in her life. Dancing is for release of tension and those who are members of the Two-Step Program. Playing the guitar was something she could do alone and at anytime.

Music moves her soul. This is why she makes up songs to sing. There are times when a guitar can be your best friend and Skin E. has come to realize that all friendships are not created equal. Life alone, in your own head, can be a delight but, it can also do you in if you let it. SKIN E. knew how to be alone and she liked it and all it has to offer in the way of her creativity. Being creatively productive is often easier when there are no distractions.

They Were Cute Little Eggsters

The youngest was four and the older one seven. They were on the shy side when their Rogue was around so they played very quiet. It was easy to allow them into her heart and it did not take long for SKIN E. to grow quite attached to the cocky little fellas. One was dark like his Rogue and the other had shades of red in his feathers much like his Mother. It did not matter to SKIN E. that they were not hers. Little ones needed to be nurtured no matter who they belonged to and, even though she wasn't raising eggs of her own, the motherly instinct was built into her feathers.

Nesting Came Natural

Her desire to care for these little guys had nothing to do with her love for the Rogue. In fact, what did love have to do with anything? This was about being responsible for the youth, future generations and setting good examples. She was on a mission to implant as much knowledge and creativity into these two little cocks as was chickenly possible. Why at times, SKIN E. almost forgot that Rogue existed. That was easy to do since he was working nights and leaving her to attend to his eggsters all the time.

Shaver and SKIN E. go buggin'
Shaver and SKIN E. go buggin'
Shaver runs wild while Bag and SKIN E. try fishing.
Shaver runs wild while Bag and SKIN E. try fishing.

Sports Kept Them Busy

Little peckers love to catch other creatures and keep them hostage. Skin E. made a game of it for the eggsters. They had several aquariums filled with fish and this project allowed for hours of educational entertainment. They would often head to the fields in search of fresh bugs to capture and feed to the fish they were harboring. SKIN E. taught the little cocks about ecosystems and the environment while they went about the task of collecting their bugs. They made jars for their catch and would return home with an assortment of food for the fish. Both eggsters took delight in dropping the live insects on top of the water and watching the struggle, until the bug was devoured by one of their fish. They learned how important it was to share with their captives, being birds, they also enjoyed fresh caught bugs, just as a treat. This kind of learning was exciting and fun and it was a wonderful way to use up the days.

They Made Special Tools And Equipment

On early morning walks the dew would glisten in the Spider's webs, woven between the trees and plants. This was an inviting lure for the littlest eggster, his name was Shaver. He had an affection for danger and adventure and catching big spiders was his kind of sport. It did not work to put spiders with bugs so special made jars were in order to please. The lids for the largest jars were poked full of holes so the spiders could be kept for long periods of time. The shelves of the bookcase were loaded with jars and long winter months were spent watching the spiders, spinning their webs and eating an occasional fly thrown in by Shaver.

Hunting Was One Sport And Fishing Was Another

Bag was the oldest and he liked to fish. SKIN E. would take him to her secret place and show him the way to lure extra large Goggle Eyes from under a giant tree root that was downed in the water's edge. It took speed and determination to yank one of those giants from under those roots and Bag was especially quick with his line. They would catch up a mess of fish and carve them for dinner. Life in the woods was a wonderful thing but SKIN E. wanted to do so much more. Not that she did not love the Rogues little Peckers, she loved them so much she knew she had to hold on for their sake.

Tweety and Mr. Who Will Get Married

It was not long before Tweety came to realize that being a Mother was more important to her than she had thought. She had taken some time away from her hatch and was rejuvenated. She was ready to make the best of it with the eggsters by her side.

Tweety met and married, Mr. Who Will, from the west coast. He was an honorable bird with a motto for life, "It is all about the love". They moved to a big coop where they live happily to this day. Tweety and Mr. Who Will hatched one egg together and they called him Easy. It was a grand situation and pure luck for the eggsters. Not only did they get a real Father out of the marriage, they got little brother, Easy, to boot. Mr. and Mrs. Who Will are great fans of fishing. The sport keeps them busy when they are not working, much the same as SKIN E. CHIK.

The Recruitor Sounded Convincing
The Recruitor Sounded Convincing

The Air Force Was Beaking

Late one night as she sat alone in her zone, an advertisement came on the tube. The Air-Force Recruiter was hawking his game. It sounded like a free ride out of this stew and SKIN E. got her feathers in a ruffle. She was on the horn the next day while the Rogue slept off his syrup. The appointment was made and some testing in order. Her wings had been clipped but the recruiter assured her that this was repairable. All SKIN E. had to do was score high on the tests. High was her specialty, her faith was soaring.

SKIN E. Meets The Pride Of The UC Military

Join her as she attempts to fly this coupe and make her own way. Life on the fly with SKIN E. CHIK Adventures. Coming soon to this neighborhood.


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    • SweetiePie profile image


      10 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Wonderful installment and I am glad to learn more about Skin E Chik.


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