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SU Football 2011

Updated on December 27, 2011

How will Syracuse University fare this year?

First, who will the Syracuse Orange play and where?


2011 S.U. Football Schedule

-Thurs-9/1- Wake Forrest -HOME 8pm

- Sat. 9/10 -Rhode Is. -HOME 4:30 pm

- Sat. 9/17- USC- AWAY 8pm

- Sat. 9/24- Toledo- AWAY 12pm

- Sat Oct. 1 Rutgers- HOME 12pm

-Sat Oct. 8 Tulane- AWAY 8pm

- Fri Oct. 21 WVA- HOME 8pm

- Sat Oct. 29 Louisville-AWAY TBA

-Sat Nov 5 UConn- AWAY TBA

- Fri Nov 11 USF- HOME 8pm

- Sat Nov 26 Cin. HOME TBA

- Sat Dec 3 Pitt- AWAY 12pm

Last year S.U. needed 7 wins to get to a bowl game, where this year they will only need 6. Personally, I think they will get 7 wins in the season and go to either The Meineke Car Care, or The BBVA Compass Bowl. This is a feat that the team has to accomplish if they are to continue rebuilding!

In order to do that I think they must beat Rutgers, Cincinnati, and R.I. and then get one win from the following pairs of match ups: Tulane and Toledo, -UConn, and Louisville,- WV. and S.Fla.- and Pitt. and Wake Forrest. If they do that and either play U.S.C. tough, or win an 8th game, they should go to a decent Bowl Game this year.

The keys will be to reduce the costly mistakes, establish an effective passing attack, and finish every game that they are in, strongly. Though Curtis Brinkley was a great back, I have always seen Antwan Bailey as a better fit in this offence.Therefore, I have no real concerns about the running game this year.

If this team starts off the season strong, they should get off to a 2-0 start. However, there is only one cupcake on the schedule! Toledo and Wake Forrest are both pretty solid and are returning a lot of starters. I like S.U. against Wake Forrest, but this is this season opener. Syracuse has coughed up the majority of those in the past 20 years. However, I think the excitement of the crowd, our defensive line, and the running game will be too much the Demon Deacons.

This Syracuse team will need to have their heads in every game, and focus on their current opponent. The preseason attendance numbers look good so far, and this should be an exiting season, if there are no major hiccups along the way.


-Syracuse beat Wake Forrest by 7 in overtime! What an exciting finish that was! the orange had a terrible fist half, and will need to stop that very soon!


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    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 

      9 years ago from USA

      Howdy Mike - Nice to see another football nut here on HubPages. (and a Syracuse Football Nut at that...)

      Allow me to "date myself" - I sat there on those hard wooden benches to watch Jimmy Brown run up and down the football field, his knees knocking at his chin most of the time as he ran, stiff-arming opponents who were stupid enough to try to tackle him. Let's see... that would have been back in 1955-56 times. (Kinda hard to remember calendar dates now that I have grown old and handsome...)

      Even before then, like in 1948-49 or so, SU's arch enemy football opponent was Colgate University, an all male school located down Rt. 20 in Hamilton. The whole week prior to that game was known as "Colgate Week" Funny thing was that even though the greater per centage of SU students were military vets studying on the GI Bill, they went bonkers during "Colgate Week." One time they rented a Greyhound bus and when the Colgate marching band changed buses at the Syracuse Greyhound terminal, the band members were all ushered onto the rented bus and hauled up for the customary haircut (scalping or a Mohawk) at Fonden Park. The cops caught up with that deal and the band members escaped with their hair OK.

      At that time I lived in the student housing at "Skytop." We were raided by some boys from Colgate. Caught one of them who fell through the flimsy roof and he got a good haircut. Evidently someone griped about that to the "director of student housing." I think his name was maybe Sturdevant, not that it matters now... He showed up in a nice-looking brown suit and a crowd gathered. He began to preach at the guys about how they should not do such things to Colgate students, etc. Probably 100 or more of us students decided that we had heard enough from him. Everyone filled up their big metal wastebasket with cold water. Someone had a bugle or trumpet or the like and played "Charge." Everyone ran at the guy and all together let loose of their cans full of cold water. Doggone close to drowned him. The water shower reminded you of lots of fire hoses going off all at once - maybe like a junior Niagara Falls sort of waterfall maybe.

      The result was a really P.O.d housing director and our having to take up a collection from all of the Skytop students to buy the guy a new suit.

      Let's see... football days at Syracuse... I was just talking about Jimmy Brown and the halfback who came after him, the ill-fated Ernie Davis and Coach Schwarzwalder (I think) who was the "man" in those days.

      Not forgotten was the beautiful (and award-winning champion) baton twirler, Dottie Grover. She was always fun to watch as she put on some great twirling exhibitions at the Syracuse football games. One time I was seated on the front row of one of those icy cold and hard wooden benches lining what there was of the then stadium. It was so doggoned cold I think that I may have been dress out in double trousers, several shirts, some sweaters, and at least one heavy jacket. I was sitting there freezing, and along came Dottie to sit next to me. I was not only too cold to appreciate that, but too young as well... Anyway, she was dressed out in lightweight shorts and a tight top. I remember asking her if she were not way too cold!!! She told me that she kept active. Can you imagine?

      Happy I am to find you here, Mike. Keep writing and keep smiling.

      Gus :-)))

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Kitty Fields 

      9 years ago from Summerland

      Voted up and useful. Don't know much about Syracuse Football, but facts are very well presented.

    • MikeSyrSutton profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Su wins and goes 1-0!


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