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Sachin Tendulkar career - Sach a wonderful career

Updated on October 12, 2013

I just came home from office and tuned in television and I am shocked. The Indian Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar has announced retirement from the test cricket. Yes. It's a sad day for the cricket as the Little Master has announced his retirement from test cricket after his 200th test.Whether it be Times Now or NDTV or CNN IBN, Sachin's retirement took the center stage. So 200th test will be Sachin's last test match. The Master has already retired from the other two shorter versions of the game. And now from the longer version of the game too.The version which I loved the most.


I started watching cricket because of him. I started playing cricket because of him. And finally I started loving cricket because of him. But now I can't imagine cricket without Sachin. He is role model for me and millions of fans not just India, but around the world. He is a real inspiration for millions.


Biggest Fans of Sachin Tendulkar

There are so many Sachin Fans around the world. Some are die hard fans of Sachin Tendulkar like me. But here I list out some names who are biggest fans of Sachin.

1) Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary :

Most of you have seen him during India matches. Yes. He is the Biggest Sachin fan I have ever seen. After World Cup 2011 victory, Sachin himself called Sudhir to the dressing room. He shook hands with Sudhir and hugged him. He asked Sudhir to lift the World Cup. sachin Tendulkar never forget those people who encourages him and supports him, even at the peak of success.

2) Saraswathi Vaidyanathan :

Saraswathi Vaidyanathan, may be one of the oldest fans of Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin met Saraswathi Vaidyanathan during 2011. I have added a video below. You can watch it.

3) Ajith Singh :

And you may not have heard him more or known him before. But he is one of the biggest fans of Sachin. He is a labourer from a village situated in Haryana. He has won certificate from Limca book of Records. You may wonder what is the connection between this and Sachin Tendulkar. Yes, there is connection. He has got this certificate for memorizing each and every knock of Sachin Tendulkar in Test match.

4) Raju Gaikwad :

He has a collection of more than 20,000 images of the Master Blaster.

And the list goes on. There are so many fans including me. Even some of my friends are die hard fans of Sachin Tendulkar. One of my friend is Ashok Raghavan who met Sachin during the IPL match this year. He is one of the die hard fan of Sachin. He is running a blog for Sachin.

Master of Records

He is the master of records and there is no doubt in that. And from those records I list out a few.

Most Matches in Odi
Most Matches in Test ( so far )
Most runs in Test
Most runs in ODI
18426 runs
Most Fours in odi
2016 fours
Most Fours in test
2044 Fours
Most 150+ scores in odi
Most 150+ scores in test
Most hundreds by a batsman in Test
51 hundreds
Most Hundreds by a batsman in ODI
49 hundreds
Most Ninties in Odi
Most Ninties in Test
Most fifties by a batsman in Test
Most fifties by a batsman in ODI
Most Man of Match in odi
Most Man of series in odi
Most Balls Faced in odi
Most ODI runs in a calendar year
1,894 ODI runs in 1998.
Most centuries in a calendar year
9 ODI centuries in 1998.
Most runs scored by a batsman in ODI tournament finals
Most centuries hit by a batsman in ODI tournament Finals
6 ton
Most Runs in world cup
Most Runs in single world cup
673 Runs in 2003 world cup
Most Hundreds in world cup
Most fifties in world cup
Most successful batsman in wins
11157 runs in 234 matches
Most successful batsman in chases
5490 runs in 127 matches


And I finally conclude this hub. I thank Hubpages for giving me opportunity. And I request you to share your favorite Sachin memory.There can be only one sun. There can be only one moon. And Similarly there can be Only one Sachin Tendulkar. Therefore my humble request is that please don't put a question "who will be next Sachin Tendulkar ?"

"Sachin's career is Sach a Wonderful Career"

And thanks for sharing your time in reading this hub. Please vote for the poll below.

Should India retire the No. 10 jersey that Sachin wore?

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    • profile image

      Sachin Fan 4 years ago

      Emotional Article...Really Nice...We miss you in cricket Sachin...........