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Sacramento Kings Fans: We Aren't In Kansas Anymore

Updated on May 3, 2013
Hard to Believe But Kings Fans are Not Saying Goodbye
Hard to Believe But Kings Fans are Not Saying Goodbye
Kings Fans Have Been Scorned Before
Kings Fans Have Been Scorned Before

On Monday the NBA Relocation Committee voted 7-0 to reject the Maloof family's application to relocate the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. While this is certainly not a done deal and there is more work to do, this means that the Sacramento Kings will remain the Sacramento Kings and be sold to the group of investors assembled by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Kings fans rejoiced. Folks in Seattle were angry and sad that they do not get the return of their beloved Sonics. And since the announcement, both sides have speculated to the reasons why the NBA voted in this way. Folks in Seattle, understandably, are still holding out hope because of the strength and respect demanded by their potential ownership group and their market. Oddly, folks in Sacramento, including myself, while celebrating, keep checking and worrying that about the conspiracy theories coming out of Seattle

So Many Broken Promises
So Many Broken Promises

Yes, We Can Believe

I fell into that sense of worry. Initially ecstatic over the news that the Kings were staying, I immediately began reading every conspiracy theory thrown around by Seattle journalists, talk show hosts and fans. Chris Hansen, the hedge fund investor leading Seattle's charge, was going to raise the bid, Steve Ballmer of Microsoft fame was going to sue the NBA and the City of Sacramento, the Maloof family would refuse to sell to a Sacramento group. All of these theories, and many more, had me worried.

Until I had a revelation. A revelation not seen in Sacramento in over a decade. A revelation that simply brought peace and joy. At that moment I realized that the reason why these conspiracy theories worried me so much was because those conspiracies were how the Maloof family operated. That is what being a fan of a team under Maloof ownership has been for so many years. So many broken promises. So many crazy rumors that turned out to be true. Who would believe that a food blogger would know a team was leaving before that team's owners' own employees? Only under the Maloofs

We are no longer at their mercy
We are no longer at their mercy
We can believe again
We can believe again


The revelation I had was that the Maloofs are no longer calling the shots. We were no longer at the mercy of financially strapped owners who do not care about loyalty. Simply, we are not in Maloofville any longer. They have been replaced with the likes of Kevin Johnson, Mark Mastrov, and Vivek Ranadive. And thus far, they have not broken any promises, Instead of looking for who to blame, these guys are looking for answers.

As Kings fans we have gotten so use to expecting the worst that it is hard to believe that people do work hard and keep their promises. Not everything is a conspiracy. When these guys say that the money will be in the bank on a Friday, it will be there. Weird.

And this has brought me peace. My anger is subsiding. We can believe again because these men are worthy of our support. They are worthy of our loyalty. And best of all, they care and actually appreciate it. Weird.


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    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Ya. I thought in the end they would too. Not sure why they didn't other than TV contract, which seems odd to me. But Seattle will be back soon, no doubt.

    • Tom Koecke profile image

      Tom Koecke 

      5 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      I did not take it as rubbing it in my face. I really want the Sonics back, but Sacramento stepped up, unlike Seattle in 2008.

      With the money that was on the table, I figured the NBA might have settled it by announcing expansion. I figured incorrectly.

    • bgpappa profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Sacramento, California

      Appreciate that Tom, and I know that are great Sonics fans hurting right now. My post was not meant to rub it in their faces. It was therapy for me.

      Adam Silver should give you some hope. What he said at the press conference confirmed the obvious: Seattle will have a team soon. And then we can both tip our glass to our respective teams, and argue over calls and players, instead of the ugly business that is the NBA.

      Best wishes to you and your fellow Sonics fans.

    • Tom Koecke profile image

      Tom Koecke 

      5 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

      As all these rumors swirled, I thought about the other article you wrote on which I commented. I thought it would have a different ending, though.

      The ending I envisioned was that Seattle would be given an expansion team, at the minimum, or that the sale would be approved and Sacramento given an expansion team. I would have preferred the former.

      People up here were crying about how the NBA took such a different position when the Sonics were sold and moved. I don't know why. Sacramento went so far out of its way to embrace its team. The politicians up here went so far out their way to show the NBA that they weren't wanted. Only the fans rallied here. It wasn't the big conspiracy against Seattle that people are crying about.

      I am happy for you that the Kings are staying in Sacramento. I would love to have a team back up in these woods, but not at the expense of other fans going through what we went through.


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