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Safety Tips: Keep Safe During a Combat Sport Activity

Updated on June 7, 2017

I had always been a fan of wrestling since I was a teenager (though, I already do not watch it a lot these days). It is not because I want to watch anybody getting hurt (you might think I am a psycho, lol!). I just love getting my senses awake because of the thrill it delivers. Instead of watching horror movies or such, I would rather go to the other room and watch combat sports such as boxing and wrestling.

Stick with the rules of the game. Play safe!
Stick with the rules of the game. Play safe!

What is a Combat Sport?

Do you know that combat sports already existed as early as 648 B.C.? Pankration which is one form of a combat sport was even played during Olympics that time. Romans adopted these sport and they had gladiators fight in arenas using weapons aside from grappling. In the early 1900s, boxing was introduced and was also played during Olympics and for all I know, this is one of the favorites of everyone – old and young, boys and girls.

These kinds of sports may depict violence because there are blood being splattered, faces getting broken and even bones being fractured. Despite this, they are still being practiced because they are actually being executed with proper supervision and discipline. Such sports are even believed to boost a person’s self-confidence because aside from the fame it may give, it could also help maintain a physically fit and healthy body. Who else doesn’t want to gain firm muscles and layers of abs?

Get your face hurt but not your ego. :)
Get your face hurt but not your ego. :)

Behind the Scenes of Combat Sports

This entertainment may appear to be pleasing to the audience but there are also rules being observed in order not to override its main purpose. It should be played fairly and just. In such cases, the creation of the so-called referees came to life to make sure that both players will be safe from start to finish. Aside from the referee, there are other watchers and officiating teams taking charge to make every game a successful one.

Speaking of safety, there are a lot of things being considered in these kinds of game. The promoters and officials should have proper licenses and training. The players should be physically healthy and fit thus, the requirement for them to have medical checkups as often before and after the game.

You cannot avoid a punch but you can avoid a tooth to fall out.
You cannot avoid a punch but you can avoid a tooth to fall out.

What Does a Player Need Before Engaging in a Combat Sport?

First of all, you need to have boxing gloves (of course!). Inside the boxing gloves, you have to wear boxing hand wraps to prevent sprains and worse fractures. You also need to have head gears for the safety of your head. Other combat sports do not require this but you may need it during training so I guessed that this is still a must in a player’s kit. During training, you will need a lot of other things such as punching bags, body protector, punch mitts, and others.

Wait! Do not forget to carry your mouth guard anytime. Even with a head hear, a mouth guard is still needed. If you do not want to go home with a missing tooth every after your game or training then you must have a mouth guard first and foremost.

You can purchase the above-mentioned essentials at any sports store in your area. You can also pick some online. Below is a link to one of the cheapest but most customizable mouth guard sold online.


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