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Energy, Intent, Blocking Out

Updated on July 16, 2011

Broaden the mind or shut everything off?

I've been training for four months straight now. I never let myself make an exuse that I don't feel well, or I'm too tired. I just go. it has gotten to the point where Sensei takes turns with us now to be "Uke". I like when I have to be that because it forces me to have the technique done on me for the first time and to get used to it. Sensei know's how easy to go on me and I notice he is a little harder on some of the men, thank God!!!

People in general are critical to new types of arts or anything they don't really understand. Being critical to this art in particular it is most llikely because they don't really understand it's true meaning. For one thing it is a very personal art. You learn so much about yourself through the difficulty of learning this art. If it was not difficult it would not be worth learning. The one thing that sensei is constantly reminding us of is how important it is tomaintain a constant connection with what ever it is you have a goal to achieve. By constant connection I mean a focused intent energy with that object. Whether it be your opponent, your weapon, and most importantly yourself. I may not be very strong in Ukemi rolls yet, but this is a concept and a very important part of training I am understanding. I feel comfortable with it. I understand it and it makes sense when you are doing the technique.

You eventually gain a trust and a bond with your sensei and the people you train with. This bond and trust get stronger and stronger the longer you train with them. It is an unspoken different sort of an energy you feel when you train, even when you sit in seiza at the beginning of class and bow in. It is a synchronized energy flowing through the room and it interacts with all of us. It sets the class up in the beginning to connect. I only just realized that at this moment of writing it. We all sit in a straight line, we center our breathing, focus on what we are about to do, and I give thanks always to God for giving me the ability to learn and ask for the hunger for the knowledge that Sensei is passing down. Sensei does his job well, it is up to the student to take in that knowledge and utilize it to the best of his or her ability. The energy connection helps to calm you down and prepares your heart and mind for what you are about to learn.

This sort of energy I've only ever felt once before in my life and that was when i trained with Chuck Davis in eatontown.

The energy or connection builds up with every class and I believe it grows with the amount of trust you feel with the other people. I have grown attached to my new found family in a really great way and am happy to have the honor to train with like minded people again.

"Here's to training!"


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    • primpo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      thank you so much socialrafino, it's definately been a great ride..


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