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Sauger on a 70-degree December Day

Updated on December 3, 2012
The December sunset breaks across the Ohio River.
The December sunset breaks across the Ohio River.
This 18-inch sauger caught on December 3 went from the Ohio River to the kitchen.
This 18-inch sauger caught on December 3 went from the Ohio River to the kitchen.

Unseasonal Warmth Provides For Fine Fishing

by Robb Hoff

December 3, 2012

The plan wasn't to fish. I scheduled some personal time off of work so that I could drive my people an hour-and-a-half away for my son's basketball game.

But when the game was canceled what else could I do?

I had about about two hours of daylight to get my line in the water. Thanks to fellow hubber Dr. Dirt (pictured on the right above), I had a spool-full of new line and felt giddy to be able to fish in 70-degree weather at the onset of winter.

Determined to stick with a three-inch twisted-tail white grub on a 1/4-ounce jig head, it took almost an hour before I landed my first fish -- an 18-inch sauger equipped with a mouthful of sharp teeth and dorsal fin tines that poke like needles.

I caught only two more after that and both were much smaller. Planning to fish into early evening darkness, I thought I might connect with some bigger nocturnal sauger moving in closer to shore. But a knot in my new line and a botched attempt to tie another grub in darkness led me to concede that I was done for the day.

But what a day it was. Not that the fishing was that great. It's always rewarding to catch a fish that's much bigger than normal like the 18-inch sauger was, and it's equally as satisfying to clean, prepare and eat such a delectable fish as a large sauger.

But the fishing and even the resultant meal of fresh, tasty sauger wasn't what made the day exceptionally memorable.

It was the 70-degree weather. the serenely beautiful sunset breaking across the Ohio River and the fishermen lined along the shore all with same brilliant idea to take advantage of such a remarkable December anomaly before the reality of winter arrives to make days like this one seem like distant memories.


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