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Scuba Diving Facts Tips Benefits and Advice

Updated on February 1, 2015

What is scuba diving? Why do people scuba dive? What advantages does scuba diving have over other water activities? These are just some questions interested and curious people will have about scuba diving. If you are such a person, then you are in luck as this post is all about Scuba diving facts tips and advice

What is Scuba Diving?

If you are looking for a new type of hobby or activity then forget the lotto and stop playing angry birds. Go with scuba diving.

Scuba diving is generally defined as a form of underwater diving wherein the diver uses a set of scuba diving tools to breathe underwater. It may sound simple but in actuality – it is not. Even with the help of breathing tools and techniques, breathing underwater is not a simple feat. Though being fit is not necessarily a requirement, it would help if the person is relatively in good health. In fact, before the actual scuba diving activity, the person must undergo basic medical checkup and will be given scuba diving lessons by the scuba diving school / company. However, don’t let this water you down. Such things are common for beginners in any type of activity.

Advantages and Benefits of Scuba Diving –

Some people will say that Scuba Diving is a form of sport. Whether this is true or not, scuba diving when done regularly, may improve one’s physical health. Obviously, for those who are not aware, moving underwater with the scuba diving equipment is quite exhausting. If you are able to do this freely while underwater, then you’ll feel a whole lot better while on land and without the scuba diving gear. FYI, scuba diving gears are not generic or universal. There are different types of scuba diving gear.

So why does people scuba dive if it such a strenuous activity? Simply put, to enjoy the wonders of underwater marine life has to offer. Looking at fishes swimming inside an aquarium is a stress reliever. Just imagine being physically in the water with the marine life. It is a rewarding and uplifting experience. Aside from marine fauna (fish life), exploring underwater caves and flora are equally exciting.

Scuba diving also offers the advantage being environmentally aware and being around people with similar interest. Aside from making a person healthier (physically and emotionally), scuba diving is a great way to meet new friends, appreciate nature, and learn new types of skill set.

Scuba Diving Books

Below are some books that will help you start with scuba diving.

Things to remember when scuba diving –

Scuba diving can be done personally or professionally. Needless to say, professionally are for people who scuba dives for a living (scuba diving school instructors, military applications, etc…). The other one (personally) is sometimes called recreational diving. Under recreational scuba diving, there are still different types of scuba diving – ice diving, wreck diving, cave diving, deep sea diving, etc…

Whatever type of scuba diving you prefer or select, it is always better to be careful. As mentioned, scuba diving is not that simple and there are certain scuba diving dangers and hazards to watch out for. Like any other kind of physical activity, injuries and sickness may occur while scuba diving. This is the reason why beginners are almost always accompanied by a professional or by a more experienced scuba diver.

Scuba diving is a fun activity. The experience that it brings will surely be remembered by anyone who tries it.


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    • writerjj profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi Bensen32,

      Thanks for viewing and for the comment :)

      Some (enthusiasts or long time divers) will surely find it relaxing - its like being inside a live version of the aquarium screensaver.

      But for others (most likely newbies), may also find it relaxing but at the same time kinda tiring :)

    • bensen32 profile image

      Thomas Bensen 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      I like your page except the part that scuba diving is a strenuous activity, I don't argee. I think it is very relaxing if you just take your time and enjoy the dive. It's all about taking it slow and relaxing.


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